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    I don’t think people realize that the data they put in the new cloud “drive” storage services can be viewed by employees.I also wonder, out loud, what
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      Well, for one thing, MegaUpload was being used for illegal parking of illegal fileshares, until law enforcement, spearheaded by the FBI, seized its servers and domain name this year. Now, the FBI is seeking the Real Names of everyone with any copyrighted materials parked on the servers.

      This is not your average everyday cloud storage web site, and everyone under the age of forty years has known this for some time. MegaUpload was the Pirate Bay of Cloud Storage sites by the time it got shut down. I know because I check online for free and legitimate same-day reruns of some of my favorite Network TV shows when I miss them.

      None of the other Cloud Storage Services has had the reputation for copyright violations and link distributions which MegaUpload has had. Not even close.

      If I were looking for free movies, MegaUpload would be my first go-to choice before the shutdown. And I only used Google to discover these facts. I did not use Social Networking nor any face to face discussions with young people.

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      My comment actually concerns a more general issue. Why does anyone want to provide me with a free service of any sort, given the investment in equipment, personnel, and ongoing commitment needed to do so? What is the true motive? (Sincere regard for my wellfare,I am sure! Sure.)

      Yes, I know, the service may be paid for by advertising. But how much attention do people actually give to the ads? Can you recall the most recent ads you viewed when visiting weather.com, for example. Ask your friends what ads they have seen “on line” except for those on specific shopping sites that they wanted to see.

      I appreciate greatly the “askwoody” site, but even then I don’t recall the ads. Sorry Woody.
      Keep up the good work anyway, and THANKS.

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      The ads on this site net me about $10 per month. Ouch. I do it to stay in touch with my readers. Not sure what Microsoft, Google, and the like have in mind…

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      Well, if you only looked at Google for your source of searches, you would be missing out on allot more returns. I am not under 40 and do know where to look for most if not all of my favorites. (am not talking about Torrents or social clubs either).

      As for finding the latest on whats going on with the file sharing sites or Cloud Storage (and Yes, there are so many , I just wouldn’t have enough space here to name them all) you might want to take a look at :


      Just don’t pay too much stock in the comments although , some are interesting.

      I also think Mega was pounded on because they were or would be interferring with the Big Hollywood CO. Namely, their new endever of signing up recording artists and distributing those works on Mega. Not for free but, something along the lines of Amazon and iTunes. BUT, the artists would be paid acoordingly. And this infuriated Hollywood as they would potentially see a big portion of their revenues and possibily, future revenues from new artists decline.

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      Cloud storage of any sort has scared me from the beginning. I know a man who uses Drop Box to store all his family photos…. eeek.

      And then there is the popular site for backups… much advertised on TV lately, Carbonite. What happens to your backup when something goes belly up with their servers or their management or whatever?

      I just acquired a Kindle Fire and have to accept that it stores stuff in the Amazon cloud but none of that is personal to me so I’ll live with it. Or is that the first step in addiction?? LOL.


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      Well, for starters, your files on the cloud are subject to search by anyone who can breach the site’s security or successfully misrepresent themselves as a legal authority while demanding access. After that is the certainty that before you stored anything on this cloud, you clicked “I Agree” to an endless and unreadable list of conditions that may or may not contain a number of “gotchas.”

      Last, and not least, if your internet connection is down the only connection you have to your data is your meat-memory.

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      Midnight, re your comments about Carbonite (which would, of course, apply to any of the backup sites like Mozy, etc.) – that is precisely why a site like that should serve as only a PART of one’s backup strategy and not as the WHOLE of it. IOW, one should also be backing up regularly to physical media such as an external HD, DVD, etc. and storing at least some of them offsite.

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      @Athlonite —

      I wasn’t looking to expand my greyware free TV streams links database. I was illustrating that I only have a casual acquaintance with these sources, and MegaUpload stood out as overwhelmingly the most frequent source of illegal postings which Google (at the time)allowed USA searchers to access.

      So it was obvious that MegaUpload had gained a reputation well in excess of legitimate Cloud Storage services as THE place to park illegal fileshares of recent media releases and broadcasts.

      My assessment is that MegaUpload has made problems for itself which the other services do not seem to have created. The others should be in the clear from what happened to MegaUpload, as long as they do not make the same mistakes made by MegaUpload.

      Woody’s concern here and in the Infoworld TechWatch article is not the availability of greyware free video streams. His concerns center around the way in which MegaUpload was taken down, and the reasons for that takedown.

      I am not trying to discuss free media streams. I am commenting only on whether Cloud Storage services have anything to fear in the way of a repeat of the MegaUpload takedown. And I think this is also Woody’s main focus.

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      Hi RC!
      In the future , when talking about a subject, maybe you should inform yourself a bit better and have the right facts.

      If you think that Mega was or is the only one of those lockers being targeted by those lobby groups (: to conduct activities aimed at influencing public officials and especially members of a legislative body on legislation) well, think again. Here is another little article on who’s next on their list :

      https://torrentfreak.com/mpaa-targets-fileserve-mediafire-wupload-putlocker-and-depositfiles-120331/ .

      You can find Anything on those cyberlockers and all for free if you have the patience.
      There’s a ton of them out there. A little help from FilesTube will net you just about any file.

      As for streaming, I don’t know where you got that as I haven’t mentioned streaming ( to view online) at all in my last reply.

      If you don’y mind having everyone know what you’re doing online then, thats fine by me but, I do. I don’t have anything to hide but, a little privacy would be nice.

      As for Mega being taken down by Swat well, yes, that was a bit extreme to say the least. To have authorities come in and invade your private life as though you’ve just killed someone is somewhat disturbing.

      OH! here is another one you might want to look at :


      As for Mega having made trouble for itself, I think he was just pushing the wrong buttons and Hollywood didn’t like it.

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