• C’mon, Microsoft. Cancel the Build conference sooner rather than later.

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    Microsoft has cancelled the MVP Summit, slated for the week-after-next in Seattle. Now we’re looking at the next big MS conference, Build, on May 19 i
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      Woody, you wrote in your post that

      Microsoft should’ve led the way years ago with online conferences.

      Epidemics aside, in-person physical conferences have enormous value far beyond the official purpose of the conference. Many of my most successful business, social, and romantic relationships have come about as a result of attending a conference or convention.

      How does one meet other people at an online conference?

      Assuming that this coronavirus thing doesn’t turnout to be yet another flash-in-the-pan hyped by clickbaiters and by networks trying to prop up their ratings, then it may be prudent to cancel conferences for a month or two. But it would represent a real loss to people’s personal and business lives were this to become standard practice going forward.


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      The benefit of conferences is to disconnect from the day to day interruptions of corporate life so as to meet real life peers and remain highly focused and engaged.  If I had to be a part of online conferences, then it would become a waste because I would constantly be interrupted with requests and fires.  In other words, the employer would assume since I am here that I can multitask my conference with their much more pressing “needs”.  They would not “pretend I am gone”.  It is just not the company I work for presently, it is every company I have ever worked for.  Just as I would never take a college lecture course online while at work (assuming that was OK), I would never want to attend conferences at work.  Especially for what appears to be a media driven event which seems every bit as much orchestrated to cause panic as the highly orchestrated security patch campaigns we see from time to time which ends up to less than catastrophic events.  Remain calm, feel free to not engage conferences for a couple of months, or they can be postponed but lets not declare this as the time to eliminate conferences altogether to be replaced with remote screens.

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