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    My company finally supplied me with O2K Developer Edition. I want to keep my O97 install around for a while. It was installed in its own folder; a copy of Outlook98 in its own folder; and IE 5.01 in its own folder. I plan to do a custom install of the O2K Developer Edition and not install any Outlook or IE versions if they come on the CDs.
    Does this sound like a reasonable approach? Any co-existence issues to beware of?

    Secondary question: The MS Office Update pages describe a Version 1.5 update to the O2K Developer Edition that includes the SR-1 update. I couldn’t determine what else they included that earned it the .5 version number. Can anyone shed some light on this?

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      I’ve done that and I’ve had no problems. W2K is our standard now, but I like to keep 97 as a reference.

      It was a while ago. I vaguely remember being asked if I wanted to keep my old copy of Office- but I’m not sure on that.

      I can’t shed any light on the version number.


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      I kept mine for a very short time, although I’ve kept Access 97 for convenience. I haven’t needed any of the other Office 97 apps at all. It seems to me that 5.01 is the version of IE on the Office 2K CD. I know it didn’t try to install it on my machine since I already had 5.01 installed. I’m not sure you can keep two versions of Outlook on the same machine, and I don’t know why you would want to. I was running 98 and I’m much happier with 2000. The most positive improvement is the use of VBA as the programming language in Outlook 2K.

      Definitely get the upgrade for the Developer’s tools. If I remember correctly, this included the SR-1a for Office as well, but it also had improved (and fixed) versions of the tools plus a developer’s edition of SQl Server 7.0, among other things.

      The other thing you should get if you use Access is the Jet 4.0 SP5, which comes in different flavors depending on operating system. This fixes some things that don’t otherwise get addressed in the Office SR-1, although it no longer includes the JetComp utility, which can be downloaded separately.

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