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    In Excel, you can designate a slection of rows to repeat at the top of each printed page.

    In Word, is there any way to designate the first x rows of a table (header rows) to repeat after each column break? Not talking about printing here, but on the monitor? Printing will take care of itself.

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      If you’re talking about table heading rows that repeat at the top of each page, you do these by selecting the heading rows at the beginning of the table, and clicking on Table > Heading Rows Repeat.

      If you’re talking about heading rows repeating after a ‘column break’, then not sure what you mean…


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        Voila! This is what I have been looking for. Don’t know why I never noticed it. After selecting the header rows, any break of the table to a subsequent column will repeat those rows. Thanks!

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      Table heading rows should show at the top of each column if you are using Print Layout view rather than Normal view. However, when you insert a manual Column Break, you are essentially creating two separate tables, so the heading does not carry over to the new one.

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        I odn’t think so. Try it. Make a table that is longer than one page but only about 2.5 inches wide. Then change so that the table is displayed in 2 side by side columns. The table will break when it runs out of space on page 1 for the remainder of the table and then put the rest of the table in column two. There won’t be any “header” rows because Word doesn’t know which rows are header rows…

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          Well, I skipped over the first step: to designate the heading row by selecting the first row of the table and choosing Table|Heading Rows Repeat from the menus. Do you get the same result then?

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