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    I would like an automatic way to take an entire folder’s worth of .ppt files and concatenate them end to end into one file. Doing it manually is slow and prone to error. Suggestions?


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      You want to combine them into one huge presentation?
      Play them one after another?

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        One huge. Actually, I want to export the verbiage to one not-so-huge rtf file.

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          hmmm. Well, I think we’re both pretty clear that there is no automatic way to do this from the front end of PowerPoint. Why don’t you cross post this question to the VBA board to see if there is an answer from that group. Us Powerpointers can follow the thread over there to see what answer comes up.

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            First I post – THEN I go look in PowerPoint! Bad habit!
            Have you tried Insert, Slides From Files You can select multiple files when you browse here. They then become part of a drop down menu at the top. You’ll still have to swap from presentation to presentation and use the Insert All button for each presentation.
            So perhaps this isn’t a great answer after all – my ego may recover!

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              Uh, yeah, I had looked at that. This is actually one that’s harder in PPT 2000 than in 97 because they added another menu. I have thought of using an external key macro program to at least automate it to one keypress per file. In 97, if you insert files that have more than one slide per file, they do not arrive end to end. You must manually move to the last slide in the file between each insertion. Don’t know if that’s true in 2000. Seems dumb.


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              Hokay, cross posted in VBA it is.

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