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  • Comments on this SpeedTest, please.

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      AskWoody Lounger

      Can anyone comment on this speed test, please, since I’m computer dummy?

      Thanks. It’s Windows XP (yep, prehistoric), Firefox and “fastest cable net in the country”, but it feels like dial-up, though.


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      Da Boss

      That is slow..

      I’d suggest that you contact your ISP to resolve this connection. There are many factors that need to be diagnosed, processed and eliminated by your ISP.

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      AskWoody MVP


      I’d suggest you also check your RJ-45 cables. A bad cable can easily cause this kind of problem. I had a machine that had a GigaBit card but would only reach 100Mb speeds. A new cable and problem solved.

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      You have AVG, AVG has been bought out and destroyed by avast. They have removed most of the original AVG insides and replaced them with a dumbed down version of avast.

      Logging: gone (all logging is gone)
      Detection alerts: messed up (we removed that file without telling you because you were reading another alert, we forgot to remediate that virus because we were busy)
      Scans: the scan did something, but since the scan is finished we’ve forgotten a scan ever ran.

      If they’ve messed it up that badly that a few quick inspections detect massive basic functionally flaws compared to the previous undamaged version (2016, but AVG did start a downward trend after 2012), then I can just imagine what else they’ve broken. Why did they just say “AVG is a part of avast now, please download avast”. Instead it’s like “we’ve bought out AVG so we’ve tried to keep the same interface and stuffed ‘mostly’ avast in to AVG and auto upgraded everyone to the new ‘kinda’ works version”.

      make a full backup of your computer
      uninstall “AVG”
      run the “AVG” removal tool (
      run the “AVG” removal tool (again, sometimes it can take 6+ runs, but you will only know if you check the tool’s logs — which isn’t the easiest thing, twice should do)
      run the test again.

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      The Surfing Pensioner
      AskWoody Plus

      I used to get speedtest results like this when I was with TalkTalk – the connection kept dropping out! In between drops, my speeds were quite respectable. If you can save a few results like this one (which is easy to do on and use them as the basis for a complaint, your ISP will have either to sort out the problem (assuming it’s not a wiring/wifi problem at your end) or release you from the contract. If this result is an indication of the speed that’s reaching your router, it’s completely unacceptable. Have fun!

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      AskWoody Lounger

      Is this low speed something new? Or ‘what has changed’ since the last time you had good speed?

      You also may wish to double-check the Adapter settings for link speed and duplexing.

      Can you log in to the modem and see if anything is suspicious? You may be asked by the ISP for some of the data (logs) that are there when you call them.

      Interesting: I just did a run on your Belgrade ISP. I am in the Los Angeles, California area, with Charter Spectrum ( cable.
      Belgrade — Ping: 183 ms / Download 36.45 Mbps / Upload 5.00 Mbps.
      Los Angeles — Ping: 15 ms / Download 71.09 Mpbs / Upload 5.79 Mbps.
      My Upload speed is provisioning-limited.

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      AskWoody Lounger

      Thanks. I used to have Avira (for a year also upgraded “pro”)( but since I had PC repaired in 2016, people there said they’d installed AVG as they said to be the best and least strenuous.

      I don’t know.

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      Your speeds are faster than dialup, but very slow in today’s world.

      If you are doing basic web surfing and not much more, then you could get by with a download speed of 1.00. 1.00 isn’t very fast, but it is acceptable for basic web surfing only. However, 0.39 is a very slow download speed. And the download speed is what most often affects your browsing experience.

      Upload speed is generally about 1/5 of download speed, so you could get by with an upload speed of 0.36.

      If you are browsing with Firefox, you could load an extension called NoScript. NoScript blocks all scripts which run in the background while you are surfing the web. You will then need to enable the ones that you need, so that the web sites you want to visit will actually work. (If you block all scripts, there won’t be many web sites that will work.) These background scripts often slow things down, so if you block all but only the ones that you actually need, you can speed up your browsing experience.

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      ? says:

      hello Uindou,

      without knowing your specifics it is hard to narrow down a solution. for example is your XP POSReady 2009 and updated to at least May 2018? if not it is an easy registry hack. are you running ether or wifi? check your gateway settings and your NIC settings too. This is a good site for XP info too:

      Also, on May 30th Microsoft made TLS 1.2 available to IE8:

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