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    After the VERY FEW minutes it took to install this OS…

    I can only say good about Windows 10. Took a moment to accept having or using a start menu, again… I had quit using 1 long before Windows 8 came on the scene. But, now, no need for the Desktop Toolbar nor any need to create an Applications folder on the Taskbar. I removed all the Tiles from the start menu which, made it only as wide as a Win 7 start menu. I, also, have almost nothing on the start menu listings since, I pinned the few things I wanted on the Taskbar. The start menu is handy for Search, of course, and to access ALL Applications. I, REALLY, like have Store APPS as floating, sizable, windows! They do open, initially Full Screen but, once sized & minimised or closed, they reopen to the size they last were . And one can have more on the screen simultaneously than the 2 or 3 possible in 8.1 Even though, I am running 10 as only a 2Gig VM it seems to be rock-solid, stable, no signs of being the least bit buggy and it is very fast especially the boot… barley finish inserting P/W before the thing is fully up & running! Practically instant on but, I had expected that; has a redesigned boot. It’s very smooth & snappy. I have it fully loaded to almost identical to my Win 8.1. Everything I’ve tried or given it (so far) has installed & or worked flawlessly & w/out any hesitation. There was 1 Update for it & a Definition for WD. I have used it from the onset exclusively on Desktop, as I do 8.1
    Nice bonus (as opposed to the ‘old days’) was/is by virtue of using a Microsoft Account everything similar to my 8.1 was my 10, immediately, w/out having to lift a finger.
    The graphics on it are just super!!
    It is extremely easy to grasp & use. There is no Charms Bar & the big square time/day/date although, that can, still, be produced by hitting Win+C.
    Besides hovering across items on the Taskbar to view & select, the Task View button offers that in quite a nice way and certainly easier than Alt+Tab.
    I sure do not see much need to tweak or add much. Should, definitely, eliminate any desire to add 3rd Party start stuff.

    It sure doesn’t act like a 1st Build Beta. Thus far, have seen no evidence of anything the least bit ‘buggy’.

    A colleague of mine has it on a SSD as a physical machine and says the performance is stunning.

    I will say to anyone, don’t hesitate to try it… good chance the experience will be pleasant & enjoyable.

    I feel (most) people are, really, really, going to like this OS. Including Enterprise as, a lot has been devoted to that arena in particular though, that aspect doesn’t impact Consumers, naturally.

    BTW, it, Windows 10, is a chameleon. It, based on a single code, one platform, will run on all varied devices whilst appearing to have been built specifically for (each) of them, yet, simultaneously giving a consistent ‘look & feel’ across all varied devices.


    PS: Submitted whilst using Win 10

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