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    I looked at the information in post 682277 and it’s close… but not quite what I was looking for. I confess to knowing very little about VBA, so let me pose a question here and if there’s a reference on the boards, feel free to point me to it. I have a feeling that what I’m trying to accomplish will require a macro.

    I have a spreadsheet with several (5-6) individual sheets. These are used to track inventory by make and model across different car dealerships. For the market being reviewed, I would like to highlight the top four as a percent of dealer inventory, which are in vertical columns. Additionally, horizontally across the sheet, the dealer with the largest number of any given model would be highlighted a different color.

    I’ve attached a sample worksheet that shows the concept. Conditional formatting is too limited to accomplish this task, it would seem.

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      You can use conditional formatting for this – see the second sheet in the attached workbook (I left the first for comparison). I set the conditional formatting formula for B6:20 to


      and that for C6:C20 to


      then used Copy and Paste Special with the Formatting option to copy the formatting to the rest of the table.

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        Thanks Hans, worked a charm. I didn’t realize I could use complex formulas in conditional formatting, but then it wouldn’t have mattered either, since I would still have had to ask how to identify the information the way I wanted! Time to start learning some advanced Excel features.

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