• Confirmed: Win10 free upgrade ends July 29, as does the much-maligned “Get Windows 10” campaign

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    Then again, we’re talking about Microsoft marketing here. InfoWorld Woody on Windows
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      I’d guess it’s just another push to get more people to jump on 10, don’t want to miss out on that free OS people…

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      So, should or shouldn’t the average home user upgrade or not before July 29??? What’s your advice Woody?

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      I say wait until July 15. We’ll know a whole lot more about the Anniversary Update by then.

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      For those who have the technical knowledge and the tools to do a full image of the existing Windows 7 installation, it may be worth reserving Windows 10 free by doing an initial upgrade after which it can be rolled back from the image if not happy with the new OS.

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      Thanks Woody – will do 🙂

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      I guess they’ll be forced to stop the Get Windows 10 push app if it means that people will be required to pay, but I still think in the end they’ll go “ah, stuff it, nobody will upgrade any more if we charge them.” and keep it running.

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      “The free upgrade promotion is ending on July 29 and we encourage all of our customers to take advantage of it while it is still active.”

      I don’t believe a word of it. It sounds like a typical marketing strategy: “Quick, get it now, before they run out”. Which is quickly followed after the offer end date by “Due to overwhelming customer demand, we have decided to extend the offer period until…”

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      Sure sounds like the “reserve your upgrade” hokum from before July 29, eh?

      Reserving bits. Wotta concept.

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      I do believe the M/S but only in their exact words. I would not be surprised if there would still be a few forced upgraded to W10 with M/S claiming that the customers had arranged for it beforehand (and it would be free).

      Anyway, I have two concerns about this news. The first is that how much they would ramp up the campaign, either in overt or subtle ways depending on their tactics, prior to July 29. The second is if they actually remove GWX stuff, they would put in something damaging to the software in a long run in patches, both out of spite and to ratch up the sale of new computers.

      I don’t trust M/S to be graceful and adult. I think that Win7 users would have to be careful about the future patches even more. Maybe even win 8.1 users as well but M/S doesn’t seem to have it out for 8.1 as they do for the Win7.

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      HAHAHAHAHA! YES! THE NIGHTMARE IS ALMOST OVER! No more of those annoying win 10 embedded kb! 🙂 WERE GONNA FREE FROM THE TERROR! YAHOOO!

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      C’mon, Megan… Try to get excited! ?

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      I am excited! 🙂 No more having to hide annoying updates of that type! IN YOUR FACE MICROSOFT! If I wanted windows 10-I buy a laptop with win 10 on it! 🙂 MY Toshiba laptop is remaining win 7! 🙂

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      I hate MS since NSA scandal, and I even more hate it for forcing people to upgrade to “NSA OS”.
      I’ll stick with W7, and my next stop is “ReactOS” or Linux. for real.

      > Don’t use Windows 10 – It’s a privacy nightmare

      If all of you considering upgrade to W10 from W7, stop it.
      W10 leak data even you disable these settings, which is confirmed by many people.

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      Anyway I am still excited that the reign of WIn 10 trying to force us win 7 users to upgrade will end the day after my birthday. 🙂

      But still if I wanted a win 10 laptop I wait until next year-THIS YEAR I am saving my money for a PS4 so when Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out-I will be ready and get Ratchet and clank too on ps4

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      I honestly don’t see this as a problem one way or the other. I am currently using Windows 7 x64 Ultimate SP1. When Win 8.1 was delivered, I saw features that I thought were worthwhile, so I did a full backup, and updated to the new OS. After living with it for a few months, I decided that I gave it a fair shake, but Win 7 was my OS of choice, so I did a restore from my backup, got it caught up, and that was that. To date, I have avoided all Win 10 related KB’s, turned off telemetry, etc., and I am in no hurry to be an early adopter of Win 10, but….., free is free, and as we go down the road, I certainly would like to have the option to move to Win 10 if and when I think it’s a good fit. So, again, I’ll do a full backup (actually 2), and take advantage of the free offer by installing Win 10. I’ll then backup that install, save my copy, and do a restore of Win 7. The bottom line here, at least for me, is that this really is not a problem, or a source of internal debate, it’s an opportunity with “No harm, no foul” status. I reckon that’s a good thing, YMMV.

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      That’s what *you* think. 😀

      “The free Windows 10 upgrade period has ended. Please enter your credit card information to continue booting. Your PC will be upgraded to Windows 10.”

      I’ll only be half-surprised if this actually happens.

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      I think it’s unlikely MS will do that. More likely is that they’ll have add-ons that you’ll have to pay for, if you want them.

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