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    Research tells me that W10 does not allow password protection of files and folders, but that I can encrypt a folder or zip folder. But the encrypt feature is grayed out in Folder/General – Attributes. Further research says I can fix this in the Registry, that it is a system function. I am not comfortable messing with the registry, so I am here asking for some better advice about what is happening and how to decrypt it when needed, since the instructions I see don’t mention that. Hmmm…

    I had been using an excellent third-party encryption program, but after a computer refresh, despite having saved copies to a flash drive, something went amiss and neither my familiar password or about 60 variations of it that I tried would open the files, so I had to discard it altogether. Fortunately I had at least some of the files elsewhere, unencrypted. But it would be handier to have them easily available for reference.

    Unlike most, I follow the advice to use an non-admin account for nearly everything I do. I don’t use cloud storage, and would like to simply have a protected folder or two on my machine. This seems an easy solution, but want to look before leaping.

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      Windows allows you to encrypt files and folders in all versions.
      You can only encrypt the entire disk with Bitlocker in Windows Pro.
      Veracrypt allows you to encrypt the disk in Windows Home, but it is less convenient than Bitlocker.

      There is some discussion about Home allowing Bitlocker use (on Dell machines) but it is unconfirmed AFAIK.

      Encryption in Windows Home

      No matter what encryption you use, having an unencrypted backup is always a good idea, but you have to keep it safe.

      cheers, Paul

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      Thanks, Paul. Well, I don’t necessarily want to encrypt my entire machine. I guess there’s no way to protect individual folders. I’ll just put them elsewhere.

      I would mark this solved if I could find a button to do so. It certainly isn’t obvious to me.

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