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    In my continuing travails with Windows (Home) updates, I had to restart my laptop just now for unrelated reasons. But the restart option was only available with updating. I backed out from the restart and verified that I had updates paused (through the 16th, it said) and that I had metering on. I then went back to restart and it no longer said anything about updating. So I went ahead. You can guess the rest – it proceeded to update. Fortunately, the update seems OK (so far), but this is – again – infuriating.

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      What version of W10 are you on?

      What was the update that you received?

      Do you use Wushowhide?

      Right now, the only thing we know is that the update was already downloaded and needed a restart to finish installing.

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        Oh, this is interesting and I’m glad you asked. It’s v 1909, which I think it already was. When I checked for updates just now, it says Updates Paused and there’s a button to resume updates. I wondered why the update was so fast. It said it was at 30% when I went away for just a minute or two. But when I came back, the laptop was off and I had it to power it back on – which usually doesn’t happen after updates. And the desktop reappeared almost immediately, which it also doesn’t usually do.

        So I guess the pause and/or metering actually did work.

        And I recall from the Defcon notes that the newest update is 2000-something.

        I didn’t know about Wushowhide. Thanks for pointing it out. Now I wonder, though, whether I need it…

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          Wushowhide lets you look at what updates are available to you (what normal people think “Check for Updates” should do, but Microsoft has it install updates, instead). So, if you want to know what is in store, it provides a way to check.

          You have the choice, once you look at what is there, to hide them (so they won’t download and install) or let them be, for install as W10 sees fit.

          The terminology that Wushowhide uses is obtuse… but it is the function that is useful. It gives greater control over updating… and if you ever have W10 downloading an update that causes problems over and over again, it becomes priceless… hiding the problem update for you, until a fix.

          Non-techy Win 10 Pro and Linux Mint experimenter

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