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    WINDOWS 10 By TB Capen Have you had a video stream suddenly start stuttering for no obvious reason — but you suspected it might be because Windo
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      Thanks for some very useful information, Tracey.

      There’s a typo in the “Pausing updates” section of the article when you refer to “newer versions of Win19”. At least I hope it’s a typo and that I haven’t just woken from a long hibernation while under lockdown! I assume you mean “Win10”!

      Thanks to the whole team for keeping both the newsletter and the site running in these surreal times.

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      I wonder why the threads on controlling updates rarely mention wushowhide.diagcab.   It seems like the perfect solution to me.  although I also have all the other settings to control updates set [on win10/pro], but wushowhide seems like a simple way to simply make the updates “disappear” until you want them to install.

      I admit I don’t understand the relation of wushowhide to all the other update-deferring settings.   Does it work on all versions of win10?   Does it work in the _absence_ of all of the other update-deferring settings?


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        wushowhide is a separate application. It affects Windows Update by making the updates available or not to Windows Update (blocks update appearance when they are hidden from the WU queue). But it is not part of the Settings.

        wushowhide works on Win7-Win10.
        It works in the _absence_ of all of the other update-deferring settings.

        See AKB2000016.

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          Thanks for that info, PK. Is woshowhide generally recommended unreservedly, or have any questions been raised about its reliability especially in relation to privacy, security, and the possibility of it breaking some aspect of Windows? I’m always wary of separate system-related applications – not least in respect of Win10 as it is reported to have some difficulties with e.g. third-party AV products.

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            Wushowhide is a Microsoft application, not third-party.
            You really don’t need it to hide updates in Win7/8.1 b/c you have the ability to hide updates built in to Windows Update. But it is particularly useful to Win10 Home b/c there are very few ways to control updating outside of third-party apps.

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      This is helpful, but my situation is a little stronger. In the summer I may go to a vacation home which is way off the grid and served by truly bad satellite service. It is so slow I have to disable images to view web pages.

      What I want is to have not a single byte delivered to me from Windows Update under any circumstances, period. I use a laptop, and when I move it to someplace with good download capability, THEN I want it to update.

      So I am on the hunt for which services to disable, and anything else I may have to do to TOTALLY inhibit Windows update. If there a way to stop the PC from even contacting Microsoft’s servers, so much the better.

      Is wushowhide, mentioned here,  the solution?

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        wushowhide works like the Right-click\hide update did in Win7/8.1 except that it is not built in to Windows Update.

        If you have Win10 Pro version, the settings in the example at the bottom of AKB2000016 may help you, as the “2” (notify download/install) will keep the updates from downloading until you click the “Download” button.

        If you have Win10 Home, you will probably have to resort to a third-party update blocker. There are several topics in the Tools Forum on update blockers. Windows Update Blocker, O&O Shutup 10, Windows Update Manager, to name a few. If you have questions and need individual help, create a Topic under your version of Windows and make the title reflect what you need to know.

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