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    Are these “super cookies” or “zombie cookies”?  CCleaner won’t delete about 25 cookies on my wife’s W-10 computer after letting her 15 year old grandson play games on it.  Some of these cookies- hackedfree games.com / hackedonline games.com / ihacked games.com / chat.kongregate.com / files.crazygames / unblocked99.games / arcade prehacks / hackedarcadegames / mcleodgaming etc.

    With CCleaner, I manually deleted these, but they immediately re-appeared on the list. I have previously uninstalled (Revo) or manually deleted every game, folder, and file I could find from the date the kid was here, including registry entries using CCleaner.

    I’ve used security scans with MS Defender, Malwarebytes, and Trend Micro House Call – no problems reported from any. I’ve deleted cookies, history, session, etc. on Chrome & Edge. I’ve uninstalled Chrome and reinstalled it.  I’ve searched for those cookies by name.  While I was at it, I upgraded W-10 from  1909 to 2004.

    Nothing is making them go away from the CCleaner listing and I’m running out of ideas.        Any other ideas?


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      It is a bit opaque as to when/how these critters are recreated.
      After they’ve been deleted, what is the precise and complete sequence of what is done on/with the computer before the varmints are rediscovered?
      Pick up the script from – Deleted using CCleaner.
      Then what: immediately reappeared in a CCleaner check, before running a browser or anything else?

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        After clicking “Run Cleaner”, I immediately hit “Custom Clean” then go back to “Options/Cookies” and there they are.  I highlight all 25, right click and select “Delete now”. They disappear – until I go back to Custom Clean/Options/Cookies” and there they are, again and again…. so although when I manually delete them, they don’t actually delete.  CCleaner remains open and no browser or anything else is ever open or running.

        I guess the better question would be how do I find where these things are hiding?

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      Close all browsers / reboot.
      Use CC to check clean those cookies.
      If they persist you have PUP/malware and it’s time to break out the virus scanner / malwarebytes.

      cheers, Paul

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      And don’t let your grandson near your computer again!

      Dell E5570 Latitude, Intel Core i5 6440@2.60 GHz, 8.00 GB - Win 10 Pro

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      Try restarting your browser with add-ons disabled.
      Try another browser to see if the problem is embedded in your current browser.

      cheers, Paul

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      What Version of CCleaner are you using?
      I am back level (spring 2017), but neither “Run Cleaner”, nor “Custom Clean” appear as such.
      On the top of my screen for Options > Cookies, is “Select the cookies you want to keep … ”

      You’ve mentioned both Chrome and Edge.
      Would you be comfortable with doing some folder renaming to test if these Cookies are being detected in Chrome?
      I know nothing about Edge. Perhaps someone else here will help direct with tests there if indicated.

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        Using the latest CCleaner version. I’ve also uninstalled & reinstalled it.  Above the left-hand column of cookies it says it includes cookies from all internet browsers and Flash plug ins.

        I’m very happy using the newest Edge on my computer, but on my wife’s computer – where toe offending cookies reside – I believe on Chrome has been used. It’s the default browser.

        What kind of folder renaming are you thinking about?

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      Finally got rid of the cookies that wouldn’t delete by uninstalling Edge.  Using CCleaner, when clicking one of the cookies I noticed tiny Adobe Flash and Edge icons below the list… so there was my target.

      I might run out of ideas, but I don’t give up.

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