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    I’ve just upgraded my Sempron CPU to an Athlon II X3 450 on an ASUS M2N32SLI-Deluxe motherboard. I’m running W7 Ultimatex64 and XP sp3 with dual booting.

    When I start in Win7, it gets to the point where the MS logo appears then halts, I tried startup repair from the install DVD, but after loading the files it stopped with a bsod, saying ‘PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA’.

    I can start XP with no problem, and it runs fine.

    I can’t even reinstall Win7, I just get the bsod.

    Any suggestions?


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      What are the error numbers reported on the BSOD? It would be something like 0x50……..?

      Also, have you installed a BIOS update that is Windows 7 compatible and Chipset Device Drivers for your motherboard that are Windows 7 compatible? The current ones may be fine for XP SP3, but not be up to date for Windows 7.

      Have you checked to confirm your ASUS motherboard is supported for Windows 7?

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      The screen is as shown

      I was already running Win7 when the Semperon cpu was in place, I updated the BIOS to 5002 to accomodate the Athlon II X3 and the PC ran OK prior to the cpu change.

      The bsod has also appeared with an IRQL error referenced, but I didn’t get a pic of that.

      I’ve also set all the BIOS cpu options to the most basic setting, usually ‘Auto’.

      I’mat a loss as to what to try next – as I said I can’t even get the CD to run so that I could reinstall.

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      I can start XP with no problem, and it runs fine.

      Any suggestions?

      Hello… Try booting into XP …Look and see if “My Computer” see’s your “7” DrivePartition… If it does see, what letter is assigned. Then run an “Elevated Command Prompt” chkdsk (whatever drive letter :/F I have a few more ideas post back with your results.:cheers:Regards Fred

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      Reinstall the processor and ensure the board’s socket is clean and chip is seated/fit properly. Also ensure that the heatsink is oriented and fitted properly.
      Ensure electrostatic precautions have been adhered to when handling.

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      I took the bull by the horns and swapped the BIOS back to its previous content, which fortunately I’d backed up.

      Win 7 now starts and runs OK, as does XPPro. The CPU seems to be recognised OK, but CPU-Z reports it as AM2+, not AM3. Also AMD Cool & Quiet doesn’t seem to be working, the fan speed runs at max all the time.

      I’ll try posting on the ASUS forum and see what they say.

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