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    This question has probably been answered elsewhere, but I did a web search and didn’t find anything.

    I hate the four built in themes for Office 2021!!! I’d love to be able to choose a color of my choice.

    I’m running Office 2021 on Win 10. I’d really like it if the borders matched what I’m using for all other windows in Win 10. The dark gray option is fairly easy to read, but it would be really nice if I could choose a color, especially the calendar background in Outlook.

    Is there and addin that solves this problem or some setting I’ve not found?


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      Did a quick search and found two pages on Microsoft that may be what you’re looking for. Ones for Word and Excel and the other for Outlook but they seem to be similar.


      Word and Excel

      Not really an Office user myself so I wasn’t able to test them but I hope those pages are at least somewhat helpful in getting you what you want…

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