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    Hello All.

    Been noticing an issue with installing the latest Cyper Power Power Panel V2.2.1 Software and Windows 10 2004.

    Whether you use it on a system that has been updated to 2004 or a brand new build it seems you cannot install this version of the software and it locks the PC up bad and you have to restart then you need to use a 3rd Party utility to uninstall the software as the built in uninstaller will lock the PC up as well. I have contacted Cyber Power and am trying some older version to see how they do.

    Has anyone else seen this behavior. I work mostly with Dell PCs.

    Thanks for any Feedback

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      You’d be better contacting ‘Cyber Power’ directly or even cyper power but can’t find them anywhere 😉

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      Upon further investigation I determined that the problem was Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.3 Even though we only use the Antivirus component. If you disable Symantec you can install the power panel and then re-enable Symantec and everything seems to work fine. Must be a change in Symantec. Will need to see if affects any other installs.

      Sorry about the typo above – Cyber Power.



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        Upon further investigation I determined that the problem was Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.3

        Thanks for posting that, it’s good to know. I haven’t used Symantec in many years so I shouldn’t have a problem with my CyberPower UPS’s when/if I decide to go to 2004.

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      I have an issue too after a day or so uptime the software says lost contact with USB.  It does not comeback until reboot.  Even with restarting services.

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        Go to Device Manager/Universal Serial Bus controllers/ and go through the USB Devices and hubs, click Properties, select Power Management, and uncheck ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power’…

        For some reason my keyboard and mouse never had problems, but anything else that uses a USB connection seems to get aggressively turned off unless this is unchecked.

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      I’ve used the ancient app forever ( UPS 825AVRLCD-G )  as the modern app was always flaky. I also have a note that after an App install in — Run/services.msc — PowerPanel Personal Service line was Blank & I assume I clk’d it to show Started. Other Users with issues might visit there as part of trouble-shooting.

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      We use PowerPanel to manage our battery backup power supply to bridge the gap between the time that we lose power and our generator kicks in.

      I was having a problem with Cyber Power’s PowerPanel personal edition 215 that I had installed in March.  After Windows 10 Pro, Version 1903, Build 18362.900 went to sleep PowerPanel would not reconnect with the battery backup after it woke up. The result was that our work station would shut down at the beginning of a blackout and before the generator kicked in.

      We uninstalled PowerPanel 215 edition and installed an old version (1.5.2 a 2015 edition) and all appears to be well.

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      Yes, i have exactly the same issue. Just bought the UPS and installed the software and face exacttly the same thing

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      No problem here with Cyberpower Power Panel Personal v2.2.2 with Win10 20H2 19042.746.

      It is correctly monitoring a Cyberpower CFP1000PFCLCD  UPS, and did on Win10 2004 (i don’t remember the PPP version number used then.). I did nothing special for the install, just download and install.

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      We are operating Windows 10 Pro 1909 and find that Cyber Power POWERPANEL Personal version 2.2.3m works fine at boot up and when the PC is rebooted but does not reengage after the PC wakes up from sleep mode.

      It is interesting that when we click open About in our POWERPANEL it indicates that we are using version 2.2.3 but when we go to the website the only Windows 10 version available for download is version 2.2.2.

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      I’m using v2.1.7 with Win10 Pro 20H2. I don’t allow the software to access the internet since it really doesn’t need to once it’s installed.   But I am curious to hear if the newest versions have any features that the old versions didn’t have.

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      Tried running PP Personal v2.4.8. on x2 PCs running Win 10 but won’t connect with UPS only 2.1.7 works. Can’t find any other version to try. Seems stable so will likely keep it as is. Tech support seems hopeless and just wants me to upgrade to Business

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