• Database to Server problems


    When trying to create a database for a standard feedback form I got the following error. Can anybody make sense of this?

    Server error: Unable to retrieve the list of record sources from a database using the connection string:

    DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ=URL=fpdb/form.mdb.

    The following error message comes from the database driver software; it may appear in a different language depending on how the driver is configured.
    Source: ADO
    Number: -2146824584 (0x800a0e78)

    Many thanks


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      The folks in Redmond have this to say:

      This is by design. The error occurs because the permissions in the Winnt folder are too restrictive.

      Give the local Everyone group at least Add and Read permissions on the Winnt folder.

      Note: If you are editing in a subweb and using the Global.asa file in the root Web, the author’s user account, as well as any anonymous account in use, must have at least browse access explicitly specified on the root Web.

      The Jet Database Engine writes temporary files to the Winnt folder as the account accessing the Web. In the case of Authoring, the account is the logged on user, and in the case of browsing, it is the Iusr_machinename account.

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        Thanks for your reply. Apologies but I am lacking tech support& have been left with 1/2 the job completed! Where in the WinntFolder do I find permissions?

        I wont be working with sub webs.

        I am trying to set this up for is a group without many resources. I can teach the product but not set things up (bit like driving a car but not being able to put in a new gearbox). So again thanks for your help to date.

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          Happy to help if I can; goodness knows I’ve taken enough out of the Lounge! grin

          If you open Windows Explorer and surf to the WINNT folder, right-click on it and choose Properties. Click on the Security tab and you’re almost home. On the Security tab is a list of users that currently have permissions of some sort set on the WINNT folder; when you click on one of the users, their permission level is shown below. It sounds like you need to give the local group named Everyone read and write permissions on the WINNT folder; as an aside, I’d check with your network admin if you have one to be sure he/she is hip with that level of access being granted on such an important directory.

          See if that does the trick for you, and post back with your results. Good luck!

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            Thanks for your trouble. Have gone through Winnt and we seem to be ok in that area – I had a look at MS knowledge base last night and found Q216900 which actually mentioned the error code I got – dont entirely understand the rest mind you but am going to sit down and study it today. We are trying to set this up on 2 pcs at first before we attempt to go live so I can mess all I want (we are creating ghost images as we sort problems out!)

            Again thanks.


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              That KB article gives me the impression that once you install one of the umpteen versions of MDAC, you should be all set. Best of luck!

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              thanks for all you help – my database is now up and running.

              We would not have managed without your initial suggestions – these things are always about three layers deep!

              A shame you are the other side of the pond or I would buy you a large drink of some variety!

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              Glad you got everything working; someday soon I may ping you with Macromedia questions! For now, I prefer a good stout. cheers

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