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    Seems that some hardware device manufactures have a device base INF app or “partial driver” available….and then an optional hardware support “add on” for those drivers that (I think) come from the MS Store.  An example is the Nvidia Graphics Drivers where the DCH version does not include the Nvidia Control Panel.  That panel or driver component is automatically downloaded from the MS Store.  So an internet connection is necessary.

    You can read about DCH drivers here:  https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/develop/dch-principles-best-practices

    Note:  The base “core” drivers work just fine without the optional parts and appear fine in the Device Manager.


    If these components are downloaded automatically from the MS Store, then are they stored somewhere on the local drive?  If so, can they be saved individually?

    Edit.  Not sure, but I think these extra DCH components are stored in the “Program Files/WindowsApps” folder.  However, there doesn’t seem any way to get into the folder.  Making a copy of the folder will allow you to see the contents,  but the folders, content and their use makes no sense to me…..at least in saving for a future installation offline.

    Any ideas?


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      BTDT (to get the “offline” installer for the latest NVIDIA Control Panel) and here’s how to do it.

      First open your browser, go to the Microsoft Store, and search for the specific app you want.

      Copy the URL for that particular app.

        i.e. the NVIDIA Control Panel is https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/nvidia-control-panel/9nf8h0h7wmlt?activetab=pivot:overviewtab

      Now go to the Online link generator for Microsoft Store site and paste that URL into the URL link box, select Retail and click the check mark.

      The site will generate a list of links to the appx installation files and any “required” dependencies.


      Simply choose the newest version that matches your O/S (i.e. x64 or x32 bit) and download the .appx or .appxbundle file for that version.

      To install it, click the .appx or .appxbundle file.

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      That makes sense as an alternative  method.  But Nvidia isn’t really my problem…I just used it as an example.  BTW Nvidia also packages their Control Panel as a separate  download.

      However, integrated Intel Graphics, Intel Thunderbolt and Realtek Audio do not. Their packages consist of a core driver and a Control Panel.  The first is supplied by the computer manufacturer, and the second is supplied via automatic download from the MS Store (no MS account required).

      So, you can’t get these DCH “add ons” from the MS Store unless you are online.  You also can’t do much else, if anything, without having a MS account and online.

      Bottom line:  You can’t install similar packages offline where the internet is not available.



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      The method I posted will work for any DCH component that gets automatically downloaded from the MS Store as long as it’s a free app.

      For example, here are the links for

      Intel Graphics Command Center


      Realtek Audio


      There was no listing anywhere in the MS Store for an Intel Thunderbolt app??

      BTW, I do not have a Microsoft account and had no problem downloading and installing the NVIDIA control panel using that procedure.

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      Ok and thanks alejr.

      Got it now.  Hoping that you are still following this thread, when I use you procedure with the following URL:  https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/thunderbolt-control-center/9n6f0jv38ph1?rtc=1&activetab=pivot:overviewtab

      I see a lot of entries.  Some can probably be ignored, but I’m not sure, for instance the “Microsoft VCLibs…..”

      In your experience, which would I need?

      Thanks for the great solution.



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      The .NET Framework and VClib (Visual C libraries) are listed because they’re “required” dependencies for Thunderbolt Control Center to work properly.

      If your PC already has those (or newer versions of them) installed, you won’t need them.

      If not, download them (note, you’ll only need the “newest” version of VClib not both.)

      FYI, you only need the .appx files not the .BlockMap ones

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      One last question.  If I download all the required components and install the appx, how do I install the .NET Framework and VClib items?


      Thanks again.

      By the way, I think this is an incredible tutorial. Somebody ought to condense it and sticky it.


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      Just like the app itself, simply click the .appx file for each required component.

      Note: you must install the required components first or the app itself won’t install.

      BTW, this procedure isn’t something I came up with myself, there are numerous sites on the web with instructions on how to download off-line versions of MS Store apps.

      The sad thing is, there use to be a GET option for the apps in MS Store that allowed anyone to download the offline .appx files but now it’s only available for Business and Education accounts.

      Also, Microsoft has announced it’ll be removing the option from those account as well in 2023.

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        Note: you must install the required components first or the app itself won’t install.

        Alejr.  Thanks for all the tips.


        I wanted to test this out, so I tried the Realtek Audio Control one you linked above, using the procedure and everything appeared to be installed.  App even showed up in the “Start” menu.  However, the Realtek Control Panel doesn’t load.  Just a brief empty square flash.

        I used appx files for:

        VCLibs 1.40.00….(x86 and x64)

        Realtek (x86 and x64)

        I’m wondering if I need something else, like .NET framework or Runtime

        Tested on a clean install of Windows 10 21H2

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      My PC doesn’t have Realtek Audio so I can’t help you with that. However, if you installed both the x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit) versions of those items, that could be your problem.

      You should only install the ones that match your Win10 version (either 32-bit or 64-bit)

        Settings > System > About and check the System type entry under Device specifications.


      Also, there are multiple versions of the Realtek Control panel so another problem could be incompatibility between the version you downloaded and the Realtek Driver being used on your PC (the newest version of S/W isn’t always backwards compatible with older drivers.)

      If possible, I’d suggest using the same version control panel as the driver.

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