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    I copied, by way of a USB memory stick, a lot of photos from my old Windows 10 to my new Windows 11 computer. A folder with 146 subfolders with each 200 images = 29200 pictures.
    Afterwards, I wanted to delete the folder on the memory stick, still plugged into the Windows 11 machine. It did not succeed, because the folder was marked [Read Only]. I had to switch to the admin account to be able to clear the attribute of that folder and all its subfolders. I guess this is part of malware protection, particularly forestalling ransomware encryption.

    After clearing the [Read Only] attribute, I expected to then delete the folder with 146 subfolders in one go with a single delete command. But no such joy. File Explorer crashed, but recovered immediately (the entire screen briefly flashed white) and not a single subfolder or photo had been wiped.
    I had to delete the subfolders by selecting 30, deleting them, select the next 30, delete those, and so on, and finally deleting the top folder. It clearly was impossible to [Select All] and [Delete] or to just delete the top folder with all its contents.

    Now I wonder, is that deleting quirk a stubborn bug in my new computer or is it in Windows 11?

    [2022-02] Corsair One i300, 64 GB RAM, RTX 3080 Ti, Samsung 1800R 48" 3840x1080, 1 2TB M2 SSD, 1 1TB SATA SSD, 1 5TB USB3 HDD.

    [2015-02] Clevo P17SM-A, 32GB RAM, GTX 970M, ext LG 27" 1920x1080,
    500 GB SSD, 1TB SATA HDD, 4 5TB USB3.0 HDD's, 4 2TB USB3.0 HDD's,
    1 3TB USB3.0 HDD, 1 1TB eSATA HDD.

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      Deleting folders containing images can be a pain due to the (hidden) file Thumbs.db in each folder. Every time you open a folder with images, this file is opened / updated with thumbnail images. After deleting all image files, it can take a while before you can remove the folder. Looks like, for some reason, Windows keeps the thumbs.db open for a while. In which case you’re presented an error message trying to delete the folder. Try again after about an hour, and the folder is deleted without problems.

      Now this is at least for Windows 10, but it could be this behaviour most likely has carried over to Windows 11 and instead of presenting an error message, it crashes / restarts?

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      You can probably guess who. Some strangeness with a database connection if I try to log in at askwoody just now..

      Anyway, the “administrator as in run as administrator” account , or the real  administrator (use off line only, appears with elevated CMD use  of net user administrator /active:yes). There are subtle differences – the former can not act against security settings which explicitly block its actions in some way.

      I’m unsure as to if the latter works with Windows 11 (I’m stuck on 10 until I replace the PC..). The alternative is the command prompt of the recovery system..

      You can really mess up permissions with ICACLS (been there) but generally (again elevated CMD) icacls “full path to folder” /grant Administrator:(D,WDAC) followed by rd “full path to folder” /s  will generally clear the folder with just one “are you sure?” unless you’ve removed the system GUIDs from the ACL of the folder…

      Remember to turn the administrator account off again before going on line as while you’re using it the other account is potentially open to abuse (and is the more likely if the two to have had its password sniffed if you’ve been unlucky..)

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      Have they done away with the command prompt?  Right click it and run it in administrator mode, find the photo file – C:\Photos\photo name, then type atrib -r and Enter.  It’s done.

      We're getting Sticker Shock everywhere now, not just car dealers.

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      It did not succeed, because the folder was marked [Read Only].

      Sorry but… it’s nothing to do with this Read-only folder attribute (which is a default). If you remove the checkmark against Read-only for the folder then it only gets applied again… but has nothing to do with deleting contents within the folder.

      Don’t believe me? Check the ‘Properties’ of ANY folder within, say, C:\Users\<your username>\Documents. They’ll ALL be marked Read-only… yet you can delete the contents within.

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      Windows itself beginning with v1809 has appeared to have more problems with mass file deletion, rebooting cleans the slate and it may help here.

      Example: Whenever a very large software program (many thousands of files) gets removed (also for upgrading later) the computer gets rebooted to a fresh state so that work can continue.

      Try this:
      (I know nothing about the tool mentioned in the article, so explore with caution.)

      Are there any new updates that fix or cause file explorer bugs?

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