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  • Deleted Topic Replies??

    Posted on LHiggins Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

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        AskWoody Plus

        Just curious about how a reply to a topic can be deleted. I have noticed several times that I may get an email notice of a reply that has been posted in a topic I am subscribed to, with a link to that reply, but when I click on the link, that particular reply is no longer in the discussion. I can see the entire text of the post in my email, but it seems to have been deleted from the discussion, and I was wondering how that can be done, or why?

        In cases where this has happened, the text of the missing post is not always in response to one of my posts – simply a reply somewhere in the discussion. It is not offensive, or otherwise needing a moderator to intervene, so I am assuming that the person who posted it decided to delete it.

        Which brings me to my next question – how can that be done?

        In any case, maybe worth noting that it seems that any reply will be visible via email to all who are subscribed to the topic, even if the post is then deleted.

        Just curious….

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        AskWoody MVP

        Once a post is submitted to the forum by members, the thread subscribers will automatically be informed by their chosen communication method as per the forum software set-up. However, we (the moderators) need to scrutinize ALL posts in line with:

        User Account & General Rules

        If any posts from members are outwith the remit of the rules, they get deleted and logged which is why you sometimes get informed via email and find there is no longer a reply in your subscribed thread.
        Remember, we are volunteers, we don’t get paid or such-like and would sincerely appreciate co-operation and thought before posting, especially off topic posts.
        We also have anonymous checks to do prior to publishing in line with the rules whilst protecting the website from spam and miscreants.

        Vague descriptions get vague replies
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        Da Boss

        Loungers cannot delete topics/posts for a good reason. In a nested thread, if there are replies to a post, and the original post is deleted, the nesting is disrupted for the rest of the thread with further entries no longer in sequence. It would create a mess.

        Topics/posts can be deleted in several ways by MVPs:
        The poster may request the topic/post be deleted through e-mail, DM, Reporting the post.
        The poster may delete the content and leave “deleted” or “remove” (etc) as content in the post.
        The post is Reported for a valid reason.
        The post is removed for violation of the rules.

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        AskWoody Plus

        Thanks for that update! I was curious since I have, on occasion, thought maybe I would try to delete a post myself and never could find a way to do it.

        Your explanation makes sense – thanks!

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        Da Boss

        In addition to the above informative responses, moderators sometimes need to move posted items to an appropriate location, which can result in the content not being in its original location but not being deleted 🙂

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        AskWoody Plus

        If a post is deleted for a rules violation, does the poster get any notification of that action? And is there any appeals process?

        Why I’m asking…

        Posted earlier tonight in Is there a way to cheat Pause Update? thread. My post seemed to be in the thread shortly after posting. Didn’t receive a notice of deletion, but post isn’t there now. Not listed in sidebar, either, so it doesn’t look like it was moved somewhere else.

        Didn’t think my post violated any rules. Don’t think it was off-topic, either. But it was “pithy”, and a bit hasty, so it could have been perceived as such.

        Should I just try again, but take a bit more time writing and say why I think what I’m posting is relevant to the topic, rather than just a rant?

        Any help or insight would be appreciated. TIA…

        — EstherD

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          Paul T
          AskWoody MVP

          There is no notification for deleted posts. If a post is deemed not to contribute or violates the forum rules it is deleted.
          Try to stay on topic and add something to the information present and you should be fine.

          cheers, Paul

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          AskWoody Plus

          Would be nice though! A place holder ‘this represents a deleted post by xxxxx” would be a plus. Some things (many!) can not be done with the forum s/w in use. 🙁


          Just because you don't know where you are going doesn't mean any road will get you there.
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