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  • Deleting Google/Gmail

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    I am deleting my Gmail email and want to also delete my Google account.  Another user on my computer has a separate Gmail email and Google account.  Will deleting my Google Account delete his Google account?  They both get updated at the same time so I’m thinking they are connected?

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      Will deleting my Google Account delete his Google account?


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      Thanks Alex5723.  One more question:  I have an IMac.  After deletion can I delete the Google Icon that is in Applications without deleting the other users account?

      Sorry for asking these questions which are probably stupid but I’m afraid of making a mistake!

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        I don’t have a Mac but if you are referring to the Gmail icon there should be only one for all users

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        How many iMac user accounts are there on your iMac? These accounts are distinct from gmail accounts. If I understand correctly, there are 2 gmail accounts on the iMac. If they are both in the same user account, then you can delete your gmail account, but you would probably not want to delete gmail icons so that the other gmail account user will still be able to use their gmail account as usual. If each gmail account is in a different user account, then you can pretty much do whatever you want in your user account and it should not affect the other user account.

        Edit – Based on what PKCano says below, I’ll add this. I would not delete any application regardless of what user account I was using. On the iMac I use there are 2 user accounts. When I’m logged into my user account I get to gmail by going to the google home page ( and clicking on the gmail link in the upper right. That brings up a screen showing me what gmail accounts I have previously used, with an option to use yet a different account. Chrome is not installed on the iMac; all I need to do is get to the google home page and proceed as I just described. The other user account works the same way, although the list of previously used gmail accounts that appears after clicking the gmail link on is completely independent of the list that appears when I’m using my user account.

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      The G-mail account is on the Google Servers on the Internet, not on your iMac. The icon in Applications is probably the Google Chrome browser application.

      The Google icon in Applications is the application (program) you use to access (see) the G-mail on the Google Servers.

      Your husband uses the same application (program) to access (see) his G-mail on the Google Servers.

      If you delete the icon in Applications, you will be deleting the program, so you will be deleting it for both you and your husband because the program is installed on the iMac, not just in your Account on the iMac.

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        Thanks PKCano.   This is what I suspected.  Therefore, I will delete my Gmail/Google Account and leave the Google Chrome Browser Application icon in my Applications.

        Thank you for the detailed explanation — I suspected that deleting the icon would not be wise but I did not understand the mechanics of it.


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        I want to revisit this to make sure I understand.  At this point I do not have a gmail account.

        I have the Google Chrome browser application  icon in my IMac which I have “quit” and do not use and it is located in my Applications folder.  I do not use the Chrome browser ever.

        My husband has his own gmail account (a different Gmail account than the one I had) with his own google Chrome browser application icon  which is located in his Applications folder at his Standard user account with a separate logon from mine.

        Since my husband has his own Gmail/Google Account with his own Google Chrome browser application why can’t I delete my Google Chrome browser application without it deleting my husband’s program?

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          The Google browser is a Program that is used by every ID on the iMac. The Program gets installed ONCE in the Application folder and is shared by everyone. It is ON your iMac, not just in your account (User ID).

          If you remove the Google browser from the Application folder on your iMac, you remove the browser for everyone on the iMac, because there is only one installation of the Program and it is used by all Users.

          G-mail is a separate account for each user. It is on the Google servers, NOT on your iMac, but on the Internet. Each User’s Gmail is in a different location on the server. They are NOT shared.

          The Google browser that is on your iMac is simply a tool to look at the Internet. It not only lets you look at Gmail, but at all the websites on the Interned. The only relation the Google browser has to Gmail is that both are Google (Alphabet) products. You can use ANY browser (FireFox, Edge, etc) to look at Gmail.

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            Thanks PKCano!

            “If you remove the Google browser from the Application folder on your iMac, you remove the browser for everyone on the iMac, because there is only one installation of the Program and it is used by all Users.”

            So without beating a dead horse and so that I do not bother you and everyone else that may read this:  My misunderstanding was that I thought because my husband has the Google Browser application in his Applications folder I could delete it from mine without his losing access to it?

            To put it another way:  let’s say I have the Firefox application in my applications folder and my husband has the Firefox application in his applications folder.  If I delete my Firefox application it will also delete his?

            Sorry for my ignorance!

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              It’s the same for all Applications. There is only one installation of an application, and it is used by everyone on the computer. There is not a separate application for each ID. Both of you have Google and Firefox in the Application folder, because the Application folder is common to both of you.

              By the way, I don’t believe a Standard User ID can delete an application. I think you have to have Admin privileges.

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              Thank you Thank you  — Lever le drapeau!!!– you have the patience of a saint!  I finally understand.  And yes, when deleting appplications, etc. I use the admin account.

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      I was having trouble making myself understood.  My husband and I are both Standard Users on the IMac with different logons, etc.  and separate gmail/chrome accounts.

      I am concerned that after I totally delete my gmail/chrome account if I go to Applications and throw the Google icon into the trash and delete it–would the icon on my husband’s  Applications folder also be deleted?  Would he then have to re-activate his Google account?

      Because when I update my Google/Gmail his gets updated  so I wonder how much they are connected?

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      I will delete my Gmail/Google Account and leave the Google Chrome Browser Application icon in my Applications.

      You can use any browser you want to connect to Gmail. Chrome, Safari, Firefox…
      If you don’t use Chrome as your default browser you can delete/uninstall Chrome.

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      Would he then have to re-activate his Google account?

      No, the account lives on the Google servers and you only need internet access to connect to it.
      How you gain internet access is up to you, via Safari, Chrome, mail / calendar app etc.

      cheers, Paul

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