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      • #2378663
        AskWoody Plus

        Just today, 7/19 I received several email notifications from the site that there were responses from 7/16 to a then active thread.   Email notifications that take several days to be received aren’t very useful.

      • #2378671
        AskWoody Lounger

        This is not how its supposed to work. I think the delay is 30 minutes (after post is closed for editing, it depends, how this website is configured). Two days delay is weird. Who is you email provider? Maybe his services were recently unavailable. All works for me last few days as it should, no issue for me so far. Hope it will work for you too.

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        • #2378681
          AskWoody Plus

          Nope.  I’ve been receiving email every day in a timely fashion from other senders for the past several days so I don’t think the problem is on the receiving end.

        • #2378756
          AskWoody Plus

          With my email provider (Comcast), most responses are very quick.  However, from time to time, I have experienced as much as two- or even three-day delays.  Comcast insists that they are not the problem, but I can’t fathom anywhere else the delay could have occurred.

      • #2378805
        AskWoody Plus

        I have never received an email notification on my posts – when I have clicked “notify me”

      • #2378833
        AskWoody Lounger

        Can you look at the email headers to track the time stamps on the various node hops?
        In Thunderbird: View > Headers > All
        These headers appear in a scrollable area immediately above the body of the email.

        Remember to change back to Headers > Normal when finished.

        • #2378886
          AskWoody Plus

          PaulK, please correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems to me that Linda2019 is saying that she has never got an email notification when she selects “notify me”, so I would guess that she has no such emails, so she has no relevant email headers to look into, so …

          For my part, I only subscribe for emails from a few forums and have never asked for emails with replies to something I have posted somewhere here, because I can find those replies easily enough later that day when checking “New Posts: Last day”, etc. here. Of those forums I subscribe to, only “Red Hot” security seems to be reasonably active. So every day, bright and early, I get to read Alex’s and Nibbled to Death by Ducks’ latest Internet and Cloud dire tales of woe, and then I am off, fully prepared to take on the rest of my day.

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          Waterfox "Current" and (now and then) Chrome. Webroot SA AV and Malwarebytes.

      • #2378917
        AskWoody Lounger

        Thank you Oscar, but this was a reply to EricB.

        I too sometimes have gotten a ‘delayed email’ (no, not from here), that is, the time stamp was significantly earlier than when it got to me. The ones that I looked at showed that the originating site had held them for hours. PERHAPS the sender had had them stuck in an Outbox, and didn’t actually Send them until much later. I can’t comment on AskWoody.

        • #2378941
          AskWoody Plus

          I did look at the headers and they show a 3 day lag between the activity on the askwoody site and the date my ISP received the notification message.

          • #2379054
            AskWoody Lounger

            IF you still have the emails, consider DMing to Susan and ask if she wants to have them (or one) for analysis.

          • #2379588
            Susan Bradley

            Please do, as the emails get relayed to sendgrid and I don’t see any issues with them.

            Susan Bradley Patch Lady

            • #2379590
              AskWoody Plus

              Maybe I’m just stupid but I have no idea what I’m supposed to enter as your user id in a DM & I can’t find any instructions on the site.


              I think I figured it out and sent you a DM.  Fingers crossed it actually sent to you. 🙂

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