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    On my XPS 8930 system Dell’s SupportAssist application just failed to install a driver update for the installed Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 even though the tool identified it as an applicable update for the system.  Subsequent executions of the tool indicate that no updates are available.  Same status reported by the Dell Update app.

    I downloaded the most recent driver update (526.98) from the Nvidia site for my hardware.  Even though this is the most recent update that contains numerous security fixes I’m a bit wary about installing it.

    So I was wondering if anyone has any experience installing this driver from the Nvidia site?

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      From the Nvidia site is the only way I install a video driver. I just installed that driver version on my PC. From Nvidia you get the most up to date ones.

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      I’ve only ever installed reference nvidia drivers and not had a problem that I can recall from the detonator drivers Riva TNT to the GeForce series now and variations between.

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      I always install from Nvidia never from PC OEM or Microsoft updates as I don’t trust them.

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      I also have a GTX 1080 card installed on my PC (not a Dell PC though) and I have always used without any problem the drivers from nVidia rather than those provided by the card manufacturer or by Microsoft.

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      Dell does weird things. My experience is with a notebook I manage for a family member. It has NVIDIA graphics as well as Intel, but the installer that NVIDIA’s site offers for it refuses to run – saying it isn’t compatible. So that notebook is forever stuck with older NVIDIA drivers from Dell’s site.

      For the XPS 8930 with a GTX 1080, I see Dell isn’t too far behind – version 516.94. If that is borked, you can wait for the next update from Dell or try again to use the newest directly from NVIDIA (now  527.37). Since you’re dealing with a desktop, if your GTX 1080 is built by Dell you may or may not experience what I did. But if it is built by another company, there should be no problem installing the drivers from NVIDIA’s site, and I would also recommend it.

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      I just did the studio drivers. Now on 526.98 without issue.

      cheers, Paul

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      Thanks to all who responded.  After taking an image backup and creating a restore point I took the plunge and installed the 526.98 Studio driver.  During installation I elected to only install the driver and not GeForce Experience.  The installation completed without error and no system restart was requested.  Now I’m going to restart the system and take a fresh image backup that includes the new driver.

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