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    I’m still using W-7. My folders and files move around on their own. Today they’ve moved into horizontal rows instead of the vertical rows i had them in. Other times they’re just randomly blown all over the desktop. What ghost in the machine would be doing this?
    It’s happened off and on for a long time but now happens after waking up from sleep mode.

    Also, i couldn’t post this question in the main forum, only this “Getting Started”. Do i need to be approved to post a question elsewhere?


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      Since you have not mentioned your system security i.e antivirus:
      Have you attempted to run an Antivirus scan or ar a malware check on your system?

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      One setting to check: right click on the desktop, check the inside the View menu to see if Windows is allowed to Auto arrange icons. (These icon scrambles can also happen after changes to screen resolution.)

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      I read somewhere online it can be caused by your screen resolution changing when using certain apps or games with video playback. Do a search for desktop icons changing position on reboot or startup. I also remember one Microsoft forum member recommending a 3rd party app to remedy the problem. But first I would try what anonymous suggests in post #2278783 above.

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      In the AskWoody Newsletter, ISSUE 16.15.0 • 2019-04-22, Deanna, of OlderGeeks did a review of ‘Desktop Restore’. It can be downloaded at the OlderGeeks site. There are detailed instructions regarding Windows desktop settings, and they include using multiple monitors.

      Icon scrambling can be triggered by changing monitor resolution… some programs can change the resolution, and they can be ones that you’ve installed, not mal-ware… rebooting… updating… and it can appear to happen randomly to us non-techy types. This little program lets you quickly save, and then later restore the icons, so they are the way you want to see them!

      I’ve been using this, and find it makes using W10 much less frustrating, because it is so easy to fix it when they get mixed. It works with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

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        Thank you for the link, sounds like the very thing I need. I’m on my way to Older Geeks right now, Bye.


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