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    This is a bit strange and since I just noticed it I think it is something that arrived along with the June update.  Sometimes when a program plants something on my desktop the desktop doesn’t refresh.   I downloaded a .exe via Firefox.. didn’t refresh;  I did a “print to PDF” from firefox, didn’t refresh; I saved a jpg from Irfanview, didn’t refresh; I converted a mp4 to mp3 with VLC, didn’t refresh.  In each case, when I explicitly did right-click “refresh” the icons instantly appeared.  I just tried saving a .html from Edge, icon appeared but when I saved a .html it didn’t show up.

    I have no idea how windows “knows” when something has been planted on the desktop but it looks like whatever that mechanism is, it isn’t quite working right now

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      I’ve noticed this for quite some time in Explorer, but not on the desktop. Is your system doing something in background (e.g. scans, indexing) when this happens?

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        Not that I can tell.   I created an “invisible” file on my desktop.  I then created two visible ones [a new folder and copying a file to desktop].   The invisible one stayed invisible.  I opened resource monitor and it said:

        CPU at between 3%&4%   Memory at 50% [16gigs of 32 gigs]  Disk 0 Network 0

        Several minutes later I hit right-click>refresh and <bang> the invisible file appears. None of the resources changed.

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        I wonder if this is an Explorer related issue. I get some odd bugs occurring now and then that “refresh” doesn’t solve when manipulating files. For example, library icons disappear from the left Explorer panel, files that are copied/moved don’t immediately show up in the listing unless I move to a higher level directory then back.

        It’s almost like the Windows sometimes forgets to refresh the display after actions are performed (e.g. copying), or maybe gives it a lower priority. Could it be, for example, that the display doesn’t refresh until disk caches are flushed?

        One of the options in my desktop right-click menu is “Restart Explorer” which usually resolves issues when I’m in a rush.

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      Yes I have noticed it here, probably last few months on Win10 Bootcamp Desktops. Certainly since January. It manifests as various items just not appearing on the Desktop, when saved to the Desktop, some times having to go in to Explorer\Desktop file to find them when “refresh” doesent always work. I had just put it down to one of the nuances of Win10 Bootcamp on a Mac or tired eyes 😉.

      Glad to hear other are having this as well and it not just me and the inordinate screen time spent here.

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      Possible fixes for this issue from The Windows Club site.

        Desktop or Explorer does not refresh automatically in Windows 11/10

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