• Details emerge about the ‘Recommended’ Win10 upgrade – and how to prevent it

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    But, once you have it, how do you turn it off? Many of your friends and family will be wondering, I bet. InfoWorld Woody on Windows
    [See the full post at: Details emerge about the ‘Recommended’ Win10 upgrade – and how to prevent it]

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      Details emerge? Where? You’re such a tease!

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      OOOOPS. I forgot to post the link. Sorry about that!

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      Still don’t see the link!

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      You mean turning updates off?

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      You mean the “Get Windows 10” update? Good. You don’t want it – at least for now.

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      There’s a specific setting – Notify but don’t download.

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      And DisableOSUpgrade can also be set using gpedit.msc

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      Yep. If you have Win7 Pro or Win 8.1 Pro.

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      I’ve never installed any of the offending optional or recommended patches, and have had the DisableOSUpgrade setting enabled via GPO for sometime now, and just noticed the “$WINDOWS.~BT” directory has showed up on my C: drive, albeit the folder is pretty empty. The only thing I can think of is that I have installed the latest Windows Update Client update. Maybe its appearance has something to do with this? Microsoft is getting sneaky.

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      Highly recommend getting GWX control panel Delaney.

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      Woody… I have a question pertaining to the GWX-CP and the “BITS” thing.

      I used the Control Panel to cleanse a family member’s system after they were dumb enough to “reserve” their copy of Win-X when it was first pushed out. The Control Panel cleaned everything out and the status as of last week showed “you appear to be safe”.

      Since I’m not familiar with the power of BITS my question is… is this system vulnerable to receive the sneak attack upgrade because she “reserved” even though the Control Panel shows it’s healthy?

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      It’s a good question, and I don’t have a definitive answer, but my guess is that she’s OK. If the DisableOSUpgrade registry entry is set – as it would be with GWX Control Panel – I don’t think she’ll be bothered.

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      KB3123862 Just arrived today. W7 and W8.

      The update adds capabilities to some computers that lets users easily learn about Windows 10 or start an upgrade to Windows 10.

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      Yep, and I wonder what it actually does. It doesn’t change any of the identified registry entries. Microsoft’s already run GWX up every flagpole it can find. So what’s happening? On which computers?

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