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  • Do the cumulative updates change?

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        AskWoody Plus

        I know we’re warned each month to hold off on installing the “cumulative update”.   But: does MS actually change the cumulative update through the course of the month — replacing one update with another, removing some, perhaps adding another?    If so, then do people who did the update really quickly  get offered “amended” updates to fix the buggy ones [but that might not have been affecting them] through the month?

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        AskWoody MVP

        If Microsoft changes a CU is it almost always a change to the detection mechanism to determine which part(s) of the update a particular machine needs. Seldom is a CU re-released with changes. It is much more likely that a new fix or fixes get released to address any significant issues in the CU.


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        AskWoody MVP

        CU’s don’t change, once installed and if buggy, you have the options to look for workarounds for issues, uninstall the CU or wait until the week C preview (beta) patches drop in order to fix/ supercede the troubled CU as well as introduce parts of the next months CU and fixes.

        Occassionally MSFT have been known to issue Hotfix patches but these are usually security related or major annoyances that affect lots of customers/ clients end-users (like last months printer fix distributed via the MS store LOL)

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          you are WRONG about the printer fixes being distributed thru MS store, Microfix!

          they were the Windows Codecs Library patches that were issued thru MS store, which were NOT related to the printing problems in June.

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        AskWoody Plus

        Let me see if I can figure out what y’all are telling me:

        1. the patches in the “cumulative update” are basically fixed
        2. The cumulative update includes configuration information to control which of the big batch of updats in the “cumulative” will be installed on a particular machine.
        3. If they find a problem with  a patch, MS doesn’t tweak the update, itself, but its configuration/install information, where it can withhold certain updates from systems that might have a problem with it.    When we are told that MS has “pulled” some problematic update does that mean that that update is still *in* the cumulative update but that it has undone the “install” information for that update so it’ll be ignored {presumably for everyone}
        4. There’s no way for a person with an affected system to figure out if (3) has been done for their system for the update that will cause them trouble, other than noting that Susan reports that the problematic update has been “pulled”

        Am I even vaguely close to getting this right?  Also: if a cumulative update has both *critical* updates and broken-for-your-system updates you’re kinda between a rock and a hard place, yes

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          Da Boss

          MS issues Cumulative updates – the original issue is rarely changed and reissued.
          Some of the things that are done about the issue:
          + The original patch can be pulled. In this case, it is no longer available for download either through WU or the Catalog. This is rare.
          + If the problem does not affect all Users, MS can issue an Out-of-Band or Hotfix that is available for download (but not distributed through WU) by those who need the fix immediately.
          + MS can change the metadata in the update so that is is no longer “Important” and it becomes “Optional.” Indication of this in Win7/8.1 was the update changed from checked to unchecked so that is was not installed automatically without intervention (checking) by the User.
          + MS can leave the update out there and the User can choose to install it or not, or they can wait until the next Patch Tuesday when the problem is (probably?) fixed by the CU that supersedes the past one.

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        Technically, all Windows10 CU are linked together under the hood and basically actas new versions of the same update package

        however, it’s not common practice to use the same KB number for multiple CU, new CU = new CU
        except testing some CUs in Insider Rings

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