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    You may recall KB 3150513, the “upgrade enabling” patch that nobody seems to want. It was last re-released on April 23. I just got an interesting mess
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      @TB: if you install KB3150513 again, does the issue reappear?

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      I’ve not observed this behavior on our test bed yet.  W10-1607 with all current patches allowed and Office 365 (2016) including Outlook 2016 connecting to hosted Exchange servers.

      However . . .  what we are observing that is odd:  KB3150513 with the “odd” prefix in Update History labeled “2017-05 Update . . . .” has re-installed every day since May 2 on all our test machines.  Reboots were not required, but the Update History looks ridiculous.

      Machines left off for some of those days get the update a second or third time within minutes of being powered up.

      ~ Group "Weekend" ~

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        Are you on an update server?

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          Are you on an update server?

          This test bed is stand-alone, not on a WSUS controlled environment.  We have not yet seen this update on our WSUS servers – we only synch them once a week on Friday evenings so I expect it to show up tonight (and I plan to not approve it for distribution.)

          ~ Group "Weekend" ~

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        I’m getting a reissue of KB3150513 visible with WUShowHide. There is a large collection of old new stock KB3150513’s out back. 😉

        A question you aren’t likely to have an answer to but has to be asked: Are they fixing the fix to 3150513 again or trying to force upgrading again?

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      As most people are aware, KB3150513 can only install if the infamous KB2952664 is installed. I suspect that the underlying issue is that multiple versions of KB2952664 are installed.

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      I have been holding off on the April updates to Win10 V1607.  I am still using the Metered Connection option on all WiFi hotspots as I revisit them and I always put the computer to sleep instead of shutting down over the several weeks since I last installed updates.  However, I may not have turned on Metered Connection for one new spot that I used twice, so that was probably a mistake on my part.  I know that the April MSRT installed and one other update.  Unfortunately, these updates have already disappeared from my Update History, which used to at least last for a full monthly cycle and maybe a few more days.

      Now, I only have one update showing in Update History, which is scaring me:

      Update for Win10 V1607 for x64 based Systems (KB3150513

      When I started this message, Windows Status showed:

      a restart is required to finish installing the following updates:

      Cumulative Update Win10 V1607 (for x64 based Systems)  (KB) 4015217

      Security Update for Adobe Flash Play for Win10 V1607 (for x64 based Stems) KB4018483

      Now that I have finished this message (with some interruptions so this has been going on for at least half an hour), the Cumulative Update and the Security Update for Adobe Flash Player have both disappeared from Update Status and have not yet appeared on Update History.

      Now, I am worried about about running Shutdown or Restart!

      Comments, Suggestions?



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        If you are able to take the time now (maybe 15~20 minutes) restart your machine because you need to complete the installation of the April patch, but uninstall KB3150513.

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      I tried what you said to do.

      I am now at winver 14393.1066 and

      Installed Updates does not show KB3150513 but Update History shows KB3150513 successfully installed 4/30/2015.

      Beats me what is real now.

      Office license is Office Pro 2013 acquired two years ago.

      Planning to update from Office 365 Business Essentials to Office 365 Business Premium with Office for Business Click-to-Run (the somewhat undefined subset of OfficePro Click to Run for small and medium businesses) as soon as the Deferred Channel is updated to at least sublevel 7668.2074, (16.0.7668.2074?). I am expecting that to occur sometime in June.

      As soon as possible, I am spending the money to upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 10 Pro and use it to keep me on the deferred channel (formerly current branch for business) as soon as possible.

      I will be more than happy to move this system to a more casual upgrade pace.

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        Good, the Windows build number is correct.

        Yeah that is really weird… To let you know in my case some patches from last year recently showed up as new updates which failed to install. Did  KB315053 look like it could be removed?

        I’m not skilled in Office version matters, but it’s good to have a plan. WUShowHide is how I choose to defer Microsoft updates.

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        I forgot to ask, Does your Office installation still function?

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          I can see that Installed Updates changes in real time. i choose to believe Update History is not updated in real time.

          I am not using Outlook in real time. I am just feeding it calendar updates from Outlook Web Access accounts on Office 365 for business emails and Yahoo! Mail for personal emails. The Yahoo! Mail accounts were implemented before Y2K and they still work though I have had to change my email passwords a few times because of my mistakes and Yahoo’s hacking history. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote work ok as is. I will probably delete the current copies just before I implement the Click to Run license. IIRC, I will also pick up Publisher 2016 and Access 2016 in the Click to Run bundle.

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            Yeah Update History probably isn’t, its good to see your Office installation still works. I hope you get those two programs. 🙂

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      KB3150513 does not affect the current OS in any kind, it only updates the compatibility Appraiser defenitions

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        Okay, but do we need really need it now or until time of upgrade?

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          No, it’s not needed at all

          the update is to provide MSFT with the compatibility reports and any upgrade blockers
          but when the upgrade itself arrives, it will have its own compatibility assessment

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