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    Did you know that you can donate your unused CPU cycles for valuable scientific research projects at august institutions and universities around the globe?

    Many projects run software from BOINC, the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing. There are projects in medical and biological, physics and astronomy, mathematics, weather, and other subjects. You download and install the BOINC software, then, look at the projects on at the BOINC web site. Pick out those projects in which you find an interest or value.

    BOINC does all of the work. Work units (WU’s) are sent to your computers(s). Your machines “crunch” the data. Then BOINC returns the results to the project, and gets you more work. BOINC works in the background, never interferes with anything you are doing. When your computer needs all of its resources, BOINC just gets out of the way.

    BOINC runs in Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

    A special group of projects, mostly medical and biological, comes from World Community Grid, (WCG) which is powered by IBM. All of the results remain in the public domain. There is no profit motive. This is pure research and anyone can use the results.

    World Community Grid has active projects in Cancer, AIDS, Muscular Dystrophy, Dengue Fever. Projects which have finished can be viewed at the WCG web site.

    Various groups have formed teams, and count their credits. Some individuals and groups which build extreme machines use BOINC and WCG projects to test the abilities of their systems. They “race” them.

    You can follow your results at several sites which put everything together for you: your results; your team results if you are on a team; where you stand in the world based upon your credits. One of the best sites is BOINC Stats.

    Please consider joining us. Right now there are only 315,190 of us around the world, out of what? A billion computers. You never know, you may wind up helping to save your own life or the life of a loved one or friend.

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