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    The other day I was reminded that sometimes it feels like we focus on the new shiny thing instead of the thing we’ve had for years.  Not to worry….
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    Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      Any thoughts on the best way to backup / clone a Windows XP PC?

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      Kudos, Susan

      Those were exactly my thoughts a few days ago, when reading the blog posts… that information about Windows 10 would fall by the wayside. One of my machines will not support Windows 11 and the other one will, but I’m not planning on changing it to the new shiny thing.

      I’m very happy to hear that I can stick with Windows 10 for a bit more than two more years and still get all the important info I need to keep them running.

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      07/15/2013 Dell XPS 8700 W10 Pro – Does not support 11 – Worked fine w/Tiny11!
      05/05/2015 Dell Inspiron 137000 W10 Pro – Does not support 11
      08/15/2017 Dell XPS 8920 W10 Pro – Does not support 11

      Until they pry them out of my cold dead hands…LOL!

      May the Forces of good computing be with you!


      PowerShell & VBA Rule!
      Computer Specs

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      I backed up my Ubuntu system Friday with Rescuezilla.  I had downloaded a new version of Rescuezilla, but I was getting a black screen and had to shut down.

      In frustration, I went to the Rescuezilla home page, where in case of black screens, it advised to use the “fallback video mode”  as well as two other solutions, one of which was switching to the older version of Rescuezilla.

      Naturally, I didn’t want to do that, so I tried the “fallback video mode” and that worked!   Problem solved, and I completed the backup.

      I will have to back up Windows 8.1 today or tomorrow.

      Ubuntu is so much easier that Windows.  I am on Ubuntu Pro, and upgrades are done automatically.  Untrusted upgrades are kept back until they are ready.


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      I agree with Susan that Microsoft will not rug pull Win 10 in 2025.

      I have two machines that will run Win 11, and two that won’t.

      Speaking only for myself, from a broader perspective I loved XP and Win 7.  I skipped Win 8/8.1.  Win 10 has been great.

      I’ll stick with Windows 10 as long as the Win 10 percent of market share is robust.  The Win 11 market share will at some point make meaningful increases and when it does I’ll make plans for getting new hardware and switching.  If I’m lucky Win 11 might be Win 12 by that point.  I would expect Win 12 to be very solid.

      If Microsoft develops Win 12, then Win 11 will probably have historical market shares like Win 8 & 8.1 and Win 12 will be get the significant business/corporate traction like Win 10 did which will give it staying power.

      I realize my comments have not been of a technical nature, but I find broader perspectives help me make better decisions in my digital life.

      So? Got your backup running this weekend?

      Indeed I do.  Everyday.  Image backups  = POM

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      It’s all in what you are used to.  And I bet you don’t have an ancient printer attached to that ubuntu 😉

      Both systems use the same reasonably modern wireless Brother printer.

      BTW, I finished the Windows 8.1 backup tonight.




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