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    Recently my laptop hard drive died and I installed a new one. Thought this would be a good time to get back into Linux Cinnamon.

    Trying this again as my first post did not look like it went through.

    Tried to download an ISO but I thought it best to certify the ISO by matching hash tag. Tried a few times but it was beyond me. So I installed a system backup of win 8.1. I would still like to add Mint.

    What is the magic secret to download the Mint version, hopefully with no hassles?

    10 years ago, I remember downloading Mint and it was a no brainer. I like no brainers. Leaves my brain for other stuff.

    Thanks in advance ya all.


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      On Linux Mint’s Verify your ISO Image page, there is this note:


      The link points to a post in Linux Mint’s own forum that goes through the steps on Windows. I followed them on Windows 10 and met with success; it should work the same on 8.1.

      After that, you can return to the first link and move on to “Create the bootable media”.

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      It sounds like you were able to download the .iso without any problem, but had difficulty with the verification.

      I read the verification procedure, and it is not the best in terms of clarity for someone in Mint’s target audience.

      When you select your version of Mint (Cinnamon, Mate, Xfce), the place where you do the download will also offer a little text file called “sha256sum.txt.” That contains the SHA256 hash the .iso will have if it is not corrupted. Download that also and use whatever program you want (probably Notepad) to open it.

      There are a bunch of tools one can use to find the SHA256 of a given file in Windows. I haven’t used any of them in years, so I do not know what is current anymore. You can use the built-in certutil from a command window:

      certUtil -hashfile C:\file.img SHA256

      Just replace c:\file.img with the name of the file you want to check. Then you can compare the hash it gives you with the one from that little text file. If they are the same for the edition you downloaded, you’re good.

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