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    When I download an attachment on my desktop or my laptop, I get a window asking me what I want to do with the file to be downloaded.  My wife’s laptop does not give her that choice, it simply downloads everything to her DOWNLOAD file.  How do I get the “choices” panel back on her laptop?

    Ron M

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      It should be a setting in your browser’s preferences.
      In Firefox it is under General.


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      Thanks PKCano.  That seems to work.  I told my wife it she tries to download a file and doesn’t get that panel, to let me know.


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      For Firefox there is an add-on which will show the status and progress of a download:


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      Bundabura, I have that already, but it doesn’t show where the download is going.  PKCano’s suggestion seemed to fill the requirements.  Thanks.


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      Understood, but if you select “Save files to” rather than “Always ask”, then you know where the download is going to.  Unless you have a requirement to sometimes put downloads in different places.

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      Thanks, but I most often have a requirement to put downloads in different folders depending on the file type and its association.  If everything goes into the Download folder, then I just have to move each one again after the download.  Being able to specify the destination folder often saves time.  For example, if an e-mail comes with say, five related attachments, e.g., project files, then specifying the destination folder for the first one, most often provides a default location for the remaining four attachments.


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      It is suggested to use the “Always Ask” for security reasons.
      Without the “Always Ask” setting a malicious file can be downloaded automatically, without the user’s knowledge.
      With the “Always Ask” option, the user is made aware of the download and has the chance to refuse.

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      PKCano, good point.  Thanks for that.

      Ron M

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      A cousin of this in case you get the weird stuff I seem to … I went thru a period of my Firefox “Dnload to Desktop” setting NOT working and my being Forced ( via popup) to Dnload to the Downloads Folder Only.

      Thru trial & error the fix was ……. In My PC\Desktop\Rt Clk\Properties\Security tab\the “Everyone” Group had the Modify Box UN-chk’d/ I chk’d it and then Saved a Word Doc to the desktop, and a small App dnload went to Desktop.  The Moderator in another Forum didn’t even show the Everyone Group in his W10 , but in my case it was the solution. FYI


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