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    When I download a file from the web, or an e-mail, on my desktop (Win 10) I always have the choice of where the download should go.  For some reason, my wife’s laptop (Win 10) does not seem to provide that option as it always goes directly to her “Download” folder.  I would like to know how I can restore the download option to my wife’s laptop, so that she (and I when I help her out) can decide where a download should go rather than have Windows decide for her/us.  Any insight that anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


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      Hi Ron,

      I recall a fairly recent discussion along these lines. What programs are not giving you the option to choose where to save files to? I seem to recall that one user’s solution was to simply delete the Download folder after moving any contents to another location?

      Please provide a few more details. I am sure that someone will jump in with solutions for you. Nice to have you here at AskWoody!

      Best regards,



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        GTP, it is mostly the browser – Mozilla Firefox.  I am using the same browser on my desktop and do not have this problem, so I am wondering if it si setting that has to be turned off or turned on somewhere.


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      What Browser is your wife using?

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      Well depends what Browser you use, unless your using FTP, Does any one still use FTP??
      Click on the little Cog or Gear, select “View Downloads”, Options (bottom left) and Change Location.
      FireFox Quantum, FF in General
      Top right 3 Horizontal Bars, Options, General, Scroll down under “Files and applications” and select Location.
      M$ Edge
      Top right 3 Dots Horiz., Settings, Scroll Down, “Choose where to save” and Change.
      Win 10’s bundled default mail App just right click on the attachment and save where ever you wish
      Hope that works for you, any different Browser maybe some one else can shed light on it 🙂

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      Just to add, that works with a 2nd partition on the only drive or any other internal attached drive. The downloads will be a bit slower with USB drives and a bit more slower with NAS drives depending upon the Network hardware. I don’t use the USB or NAS drives for downloads except for later archiving those downloads.

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      You’re welcome.

      Before you wonder "Am I doing things right," ask "Am I doing the right things?"
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