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    I’m seeing reports in http://www.patchmanagement.org from some admins reporting bsod’s after applying November updates to 2004 Windows 10.  The BSOD occurs a
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    Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      I don’t have any plans to move tot 2020 from 1909 in the middle of a Covid-pandemic with huge amounts of uncertainties. In fact, got an enterprise license from my company to use at home systems. That means I don’t have to upgrade until effectively May 2022. Gives a lot of rest and security. The differences between Windows 10 versions are minimal, while upgrading risks are still rather big. Can’t afford it to mess up things in the coming weeks and months. Same goes for Macs here, need them for work. Not going to upgrade to Big Sure for the time being. Besides all that, in my opinion it’s completely ridiculous to forcefully bring out a new version of any OS on a yearly basis. Just when the ‘old’ one starts to get reasonable stable, the troubles start all over again. And for 99% of the users new versions add nothing besides some eyecandy.

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      Hello, we’re running Dell Latitudes (recently bought 7410 and from last year) running Win 10 ver 2004, new ones installed ver 2004 in September and whenever a remote worker leaves their system alone, while on battery, past the 10 minute go to sleep power setting, they return to a BSOD with, what I believe is all of them, reporting “What failed pdc.sys”.

      First saw them on the new units, then we started moving over the older units to ver 2004 in early Nov. and now they’re reporting it as well (at least those people who like roaming within their own homes, it’ll be interesting how long the battery lasts).

      Not having all of the evidence till this week, and seeing Susan’s posting, triggered this post.

      My users have been instructed to set their Power Settings to Never / Never on Battery and I’ve had positive reports that the problem doesn’t come back.

      And now for something stranger, this is a known issue amongst us Dell users, from late June, https://www.dell.com/community/Latitude/Latitude-5400-Sleep-Crashes-in-Windows-10-2004/td-p/7637112/page/4.  We are also using Trend (interesting note, but I’m not convinced it’s a potential cause).  With a Nov. 12th post stating that it’s due to a buggy Dell driver and Intel has a newer driver (we’ll see).

      Soapbox time.  I see Microsoft is offering Dell firmware patches in their Monthly updates.  I know, we aren’t to be trusting Microsoft with firmware drivers, though Dell’s update mechanism isn’t perfect and I’m conflicted which way to go.  Especially when firmware updates are coming every couple of months.

      Take care,

      IT Manager Geek

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        Do you know how old the MS Dell delivered patches are?

        cheers, Paul

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          They look to be current (unlike the Intel ones I saw back in Sept – Oct, some from 1968, yeah right) with the current example is a “Dell. Inc. – Firmware –” which confirms with just now running the Dell Support Assist showing “Dell Latitude 7310/7410 System BIOS 1.4.1”, along with a couple of others that match.

          Have a G5 Desktop (strictly IT – support machine) and I’ve let it do the Firmware updates from Microsoft’s updates, with no issues so far.

          A side note, I started this reply close to 4:10 EST, unpause Updates to get a comprehensive answer, and 10 minutes later – it restarted (not very friendly) waited 12 minutes on “Restarting Computer” then installing updates, reboot, and back to it finishing this post at 4:39, with 2020-11 Cum. Updt. KB4586781 showing as failed with Updates asking me to retry .  Sigh… 🙂

          IT Manager Geek

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      I have an HP Envy34, monitor will no longer go to sleep after the Nov update. Just stays on screen saver and locks up occasionaly now. Even if i turn screen saver off and lock console never goes to sleep unless i reboot the system and do not log in.  Do they test anything any more? Tried going to 20H2 still same issue.

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        I’ve seen two firmware updates offered by Microsoft Update for two different Dell models, Latitude and Precision. I checked them on Dell’s support site before installation, and they were the latest versions.

        Group K(ill me now)
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      We’ve been seeing this with these models and 2004 for the past month or so…

      BSOD error we’ve been getting is 0x14F and it’s been a nightmare as the memory dumps were constantly coming out corrupt. We think we’ve narrowed it down to Trend Micro Apex One at this point and are trialing updating that to the latest version.

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      I have an HP Zbook G1 that has 20H2 and was running fine.
      After the Nov update, it first appeared to be OK and I was
      running it docked for a few days. However, after undocking,
      it would not resume from sleep and would not respond to the power
      button even if held down. I had to remove the battery and reinsert
      to get it to reboot. If put back to sleep while undocked,
      it would not respond even after the battery removal & reinsertion
      until I re-docked it. The battery status is 100%.

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      Just FYI, this issue is not limited to the NVMe SSD. A BSOD also occurs with an identical crash code when I plug a 2TB LaCie SSD into the Thunderbolt port on my Gigabyte 15 YB, running 2004.

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      I still continue to see customers with printing issues. Mostly Networked printers going directly to hard coded IP addresses and IP Ports setup for them. The printer shows up as offline even though you can ping the printer and login through the web interface.

      Remove the printer, delete the port, reboot the computer, add the printer and port back, uses the driver already there then it works again.

      No consistency, Can be HP, Brother, Koinica etc…..

      What a pain !!!!

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      As advised by ‘Ask Woody’ I invariably defer updates and at the beginning of November I deferred these until 28<sup>th</sup> November.

      Today on the 16<sup>th</sup> November I found that my mouse icon had disappeared completely.  Checked the mouse battery which was OK.  Used a different mouse but still the same, no mouse icon.

      Eventually being unable to do anything I turned my computer off.  When I turned the computer back on I found it was updating to my utter surprise!

      After a long time updating I opened Settings and Update & Security to find it was still showing updates had been deferred to 28<sup>th</sup> November.

      Hence I was puzzled as to what exactly was updated so opening Update History to my surprise nothing was showing as being updated on the 16<sup>th</sup> November.  Something had certainly been updated but it was impossible to establish what.  Clearly Microsoft did not want me to know.

      I use an HP Desktop with Home Windows 10 version 2004.  Do you know if anyone experienced anything like this before?

      Regards, Alan Eadie

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        I seemed to have this problem with my HP Envy laptop. I have 1909 and I lost my mouse cursor. Pressing the Ctrl key highlighted where it was, but it was not visible. Unplugging the mouse transmitter allowed the cursor to appear and I was able to use the touchpad. When I went to reboot, I was notified a Windows update was happening. I have WUmgr so I don’t know why I have this happening, this is not the first time.

        It has been trundling along for a bit, showed 30% and then booted. It sat at 100% for tens of minutes (or seemed so) and then showed a clean up prompt, again at 100%, for a short bit and I now have access, but still no mouse, just touchpad. (battery issue duh)

        Looking at update history, the last update was KB4576754 on 10/9/20. What was changed?

        I still don’t know what Microsoft is updating when I have WUmgr handling the updates. I don’t update very often, either. If it were not for a couple of programs, I would just go to Linux and be done with this.

        So long and thanks for all the fish --Douglas Adams 1952-2001

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          Go to Device Manager and uninstall the mouse. Reboot and let Windows reinstall the mouse driver.

          While you’re in DM, are there and yellow exclamation marks against any devices?

          cheers, Paul

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      opening Update History to my surprise nothing was showing as being updated on the 16

      Have you checked ‘uninstall updates’ on update history page ?

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        Many thanks to Alex5723 and the anonymous poster.  I found nothing when looking at ‘uninstall updates’ but looking at ‘view reliability history’ it seems, at the relevant time, that Garmin Express stopped working.  So my apologies to Microsoft.

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      Try looking in View Reliability History.

      Updates for apps appear in there.

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      Did Woody hand turn over the site to susan bradley? I noticed things are not up to date as once was

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