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  • Easy Way to Remember Keyboard Shortcuts

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    Easy Way to Remember Keyboard Shortcuts


    Using Window’s keyboard shortcuts can save you a lot of time and clicks as well as the frustration of remembering how to get to that function or setting. The trouble with using keyboard shortcuts is remembering the shortcuts for so many different functions and settings. Some users create a written list of their most used shortcuts to keep near their PC to refer to. Other users create a document on the PC containing the shortcuts they use most, but have to open/close the document each time they need to ‘jog” their memory of a particular shortcut. Most users memorize a few keyboard shortcuts and ignore the rest which leaves them missing out on the advantages of using keyboard shortcuts. What follows are instructions of how to create a list of keyboard shortcuts that will display with a single click without opening or closing any documents.

    Note: This works for Windows 7 thru Windows 10

    Create Easy Access List of Keyboard Shortcuts

    Create a text document (can be Notepad, WordPad, Word, etc) for each keyboard shortcut you want a reminder of. Name the document file the shortcut reminder using the reminder as the name of the file. Place each of these documents into a folder. The folder will contain a list of files and each file’s name is a separate keyboard shortcut reminder. Add this folder to the Task bar. Clicking this folder on the Task bar will display the “files” in that folder and thus a list of your keyboard shortcuts.

    • Create a new folder named SC to store the document files in.
    • Create a new document. It can be a .txt, .doc, or other format; but all documents should be the same format. The contents of document can be blank. The name you enter to save this document file is the Keyboard shortcut written out such as Clipboard – WinKey + V  which will save the file: Clipboard – WinKey + V.docx.
    • Continue to create documents, each with the name of the file being the keyboard shortcut. Store all these documents in this SC folder.
    • Open the SC folder in File Explorer to view all the “document files”, which will look “like” a list of keyboard shortcuts except for the file extensions (if your view options include showing file extensions). Click the View Tab above, and uncheck the box next to File name extensions. This will remove the file extension (.docx or .txt) after the file name, resulting in a list of keyboard shortcuts.
    • Close File Explorer.
    • Right click a blank area of the Task bar to display the context menu.
    • Select Toolbars > New toolbar… which causes an Explorer window to open for you to select a folder. Select the SC folder. You will see SC with a double right arrow next to it appear on the right side of the Task bar. Clicking the double arrow next to the SC will display the contents of the SC folder which is a list of keyboard shortcuts. The reason I named the folder SC is because the whole name of a folder will display on the Task bar when selected as a Toolbar. With SC as the name, very little space on the Task bar is used.
    • You do not have to close the SC folder list to use any shortcut displayed. Keyboard shortcuts will function with the list displayed which means you can display the list to jog your memory and continue without interrupting your work flow.
    • Easy to add shortcut reminders to your list.

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