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    Yesterday Microsoft released KB 4020102 , a big bug fix for the Win10 Creators Update, version 1703. That brings Win10 1703 up to build 15063.332. Not
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      During the same round of updates, there has been another large maintenance job done on the back-end Windows Update servers in relation to removing old updates for Internet Explorer various versions and various Operating Systems. The maintenance job also deals with removing a significant amount of Flash Player for Internet Explorer updates.

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        There have been reports of the old patches disappearing out of WU.

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          If you have numbers, I could confirm.
          There are 70 patches removed for the OS which I monitor, Windows 7/2008 R2 and 8.1/2012 R2.
          Windows 10 in its various versions is not affected by this maintenance.

          All the patches removed are superseded and were due for removal for a while. None of the removed patches are in the faulty category.

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              I read those posts earlier.
              KB3008923 was part of the same chain as I explained elsewhere.
              There were 3 updates left behind from the previous huge cleanup which were KB3008923, KB3003057 if I remember well and KB2987107 in this order of supersedence.
              The first 2 were removed as an attempt to fix the issue, but KB2987107 was missed and as such was offered instead as the top of the supersedence chain.
              Now KB2987107 is gone too.
              The issue is minor with no implications and applying any treatment (install or ignore) except for hiding would have been correct with no negative repercussions.
              This sort of minor supersedence issues comes back now and then and I think it is best to ignore and just install everything on offer.

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      New KB4023680 brings Anniversary Update to version 14393.1230

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        Windows 10 Pro W/ 1607. I returned all my group policy settings to configure updates to “not configured” and rebooted. I then checked for updates for KB4023680 and it’s says I’m already up to date. Is this a download only or should it have shown up ?  Newby to Windows 10 here and experimenting with Group Policy. Hope I didn’t mess it up altogether.

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          KB4023680 is available through Catalog download, not through Windows Update.
          Microsoft Support says this about KB4023680:

          This non-security update includes quality improvements. No new operating system features are being introduced in this update. Key changes include:

          • Addressed issue where End User Defined Characters (EUDC) may not be visible in some applications.

          If you installed earlier updates, only the new fixes contained in this package will be downloaded and installed on your device.

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          KB4023680 was a non-security patch, so I wouldn’t be too worried in the short term.

          Check your build number, and see if it is at 14393.1230, firstly. If it is, you already have the update installed.

          KB4023680 is available from the MS Catalog, but if you don’t have the issue, it’s not necessary to install it immediately. It is a one-issue fix.

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            My current build is 14393.1198. I will just wait if it’s optional and see if it comes down with the regular updates. I just updated earlier this week and I have updates set to delay for 30 days, so I’ll find out some time next month if I get it.  Thank you all for the explanation.

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      My test Creator’s Update system stopped accepting updates either via Windows Update or directly from the catalog. DISM even fails, citing not being able to locate the source.

      Too much tweaking and testing I guess, or maybe it’s because I installed from an ISO before Windows Update was delivering copies. Perhaps I’ll drop back to an Anniversary Update snapshot and see if I can get it to upgrade to 1703 Creator’s that way. Maybe this time it will remain serviceable… Sigh. It’s a shame, because run-wise I had it doing just what I wanted and no more.

      Anyone know whether the Creator’s Update ISO can now be had through the media creation tool?


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        Anyone know whether the Creator’s Update ISO can now be had through the media creation tool?

        It looks like it should be available… according to the answer here

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          Yes, I can now confirm the Creator’s Update ISO is now delivered by the Media Creation Tool.

          Unlike what’s noted above, the available Windows Updates through the Settings App only brought my Win 10 Anniversary test system to 14393.1198, by the way. This stuff seems to get less and less deterministic every month. Sigh.


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            MS has said that they are releasing CU1703 in flights through WU, with the latest hardware at the top of the list. They continue to reissue KB3150513, the database for the compatibility assessor. It is my hypothesis that each time the database is reissued, more hardware is included as eligible.
            Some day they may get around to updating my Haswell and Ivy Bridge machines, but all I’m currently offered is still 1607.1198 – there is a “hotfix(?)” available only through the Catalog that will raise the Build another notch, but I didn’t have the specified problem. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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              There seems to be a common view around KB3150513 that it is only related to Windows 10 Upgrade, either from Windows 7, 8.1 or older version of 10.
              Can anybody explain then why this patch is also regularly offered to Windows Server 2016, which is LTSB version 1607.
              Is another LTSB (Windows Server 2016 R2 or Windows Server 2017) ready to be released soon and preparations are made behind the scenes at Microsoft for having a smooth upgrade in place?

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      Hey guys and gals, In what log should I look to try to diagnose this further, for update KB4020102 downloaded from the catalog?



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