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    I am (reluctantly) using Windows Home 21H2, updates are paused. However, there are two programs, (or should that be ‘apps’?) that are bugging me. The first is Bing; the second is Edge. I have never used either, and never intend to. Is it possible to dig them out root and branch? Burning  the detritus would give me added pleasure, but maybe that’s asking too much.

    I have Revo Uninstaller Pro, but neither of these irritants are listed for removal.


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      Edge is part on Windows OS just as IE was at a time.
      Uninstalling current Edge (Chrome) may re-install old Edge or the new Edge via Windows updates.

      You can uninstall Edge at apps & Features or 3r party uninstaller like the free portable geekuninstaller.

      Or use Edge_Removal.bat

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      MSEdgeRedirect, currently v0.7.2.0, can help you suppress it’s persistence.
      I use it on all my Win10/11.

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      However, there are two programs, (or should that be ‘apps’?) that are bugging me. The first is Bing; the second is Edge.

      It sounds like you have Edge for your default browser? Also, you have Bing as the default search engine?

      Do you have other browsers installed? I always make Firefox (currently 102.4.0 ESR) my default browser in Windows and Duck Duck Go my search engine. I have Windows 10 Pro on one Dell XPS computer and Windows 8.1 Pro on my older Dell XPS (both desktops). I never have Bing get in my face….in fact, I had almost forgotten it existed! As for Edge, I use it some because Firefox doesn’t work great on all websites but Edge being part of Windows and set up with Basic or Balanced Tracking Prevention works on most all sites. But I have always, since my first computer, used Mozilla Suite rather than Internet Explorer back then as my default browser or later Firefox when Mozilla offered it in beta around 2002-2003.

      So, I suggest you get either regular Firefox or Firefox ESR (extended service version so you do not need to be updating it very frequently rather major update just once a year). Open “about:preferences” in Fx to set your preferences for default browser and default search engine. (Make sure you also install Duck Duck Go Privacy Essentials and it should be set as your default browser). You should not be bothered by Bing or Edge then but it is prudent to not try and uninstall either.

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