• Edited to remove HTML….


    If Woody got a penny for every post with that line in it, he would be rich(er)!

    I’ve tried to copy to text editor, save the file, close, re-open, copy text and insert in forum editor and there’s still some HTML codes!

    What a pain…

    Only recently have I discovered, that if you click the tab in top right corner of the editor box labelled “Text” (default is “Visual”), all codes are removed from inserted text!


    Never again tedious weeding out mysterious scriblings! 😀

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      I was wondering if ‘visual’ was a new option made available since the SEP/OCT rebuild, or if I only noticed the change from something I did locally?

      Because of the restrictions on content, I find the text pane more useful. But that may also be in the way I limit my content. I just generally don’t add much, and could probably do better.

      Good to point this option out. It was difficult to notice and remember for me too.

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        No, the Visual Editor change came in about 6 months before the September “outage” rebuild 🙂

        Personally, I use WordPerfect, and have absolutely no html issues. NotePad and NotePad++ are also reported as causing no problems.

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          Colloquial speaking: I gots a gud thinker, not real observant-like tho.

          Can be a dangerous combination. Working on it.

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          I like to compose in Word (or LO Writer) to use the spell check and visually search for fumblefingeritis. When I am ready, I copy it to Notepad and then copy it to the posting section. If I want to italicize or bold I will go to the Visual tab. I learned this a while ago when my 2 paragraph reply turned into a whole page HTML/MSWord formatting mess. I immediately clicked edit and cut it all out, and dropped it in Word to clean up and then into Notepad and re-inserted it into the comment box.

          I have since found the tab can remove HTML, but it does not always remove MSWord *.docx formatting.

          Takes a bit longer, but works for me.

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      I usually use a free program called PureText before pasting text to a post at this site.

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        I’ve been that person opening Notepad, doing a PASTE, followed by a SELECT-ALL, and then a COPY.

        Per the PureText site, “The benefit of PureText is performing all these actions with a single Hotkey and having the result pasted into the current window automatically.”

        I love it!

        Thank you, MrBrian

        Non-techy Win 10 Pro and Linux Mint experimenter

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      Uh! Someone has some fancy editors, eh?! 😛

      My problem is mainly when I’m on this %#¤%&# tablet… on pc notepad is fine.

      But point was, that using the “Text” tab totally eliminates the need of an external editor. Anything pasted from anywhere is nicely stripped from html content and converted to pure text.

      Carry on! 😀

      Forgot a tiny rant… one could argue, that the editor used on this site *really* should understand html… even text copied from a post and inserted in “Visual” will show fine, but once submitted, your post contains ignored html codes. Really?

      /rant off

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        one could argue, that the editor used on this site *really* should understand html

        Jan K, I believe the use of simple BBCodes, instead of html, is a security issue “safety valve” (from things I read in learning about BBCodes, when the Lounge first started).

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      Well done, Jan K! I only use the Text tab myself.

      A bit of further advice to all, which I follow:

      LOOK at your post and READ it back to yourself after posting it.

      If it doesn’t look right, or doesn’t sound right, take the time to edit it! There’s nothing quite like seeing your writing in situ to make sure that it’s what you intended to say.

      [Lightly edited by Da Boss.]



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      Visual editor looks like this:


      The Text editor looks like this:


      Keeping IT Lean, Clean and Mean!
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        Would it be possible to suggest to the host technicians to make the Text tab the default tab preselected on pageload?

        This would have novice visitors using the preferred method, and allow power posters the option of additional features.

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          That method would be ideal but, unfortunately Woody would need the devs to do this and blog/ forum funds being what they are, would incur further charges.

          Keeping IT Lean, Clean and Mean!
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