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    I came across this podcast from the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), part of their series on how to fix the Internet:


    It is about creating inclusivity by design.

    How could a big, well funded, company produce ChatGPT, and neglect to have an access page that is inaccessible to screen readers in this day and age?

    AI that screens employment applications will not make accessibility accommodations, or even let applicants know that AI is being used for initial screening, so people don’t even know to ask for accommodations?

    Not included in the podcast are my disability needs- (1) Privacy by default and (2) Protection from forced updating that destroys the tweaks that I’ve made to my operating system, browser, and phone.

    Between chronic brain fog, and worsening tremor, it isn’t just annoying, it threatens my already minimal ability to use my devices. The cost of tech, of replacing in order to update, is too often burdensome to those already marginalized by their disability, where income disparities become chasms that cannot be bridged by all the new bells and whistles being developed…

    Too often the already useful tech I have is periodically destroyed by forced updating. Having to learn new ways to do old things is particularly difficult for me now. Being forced to abandon those things that have served me well, with no suitable replacements within reach, may serve to better OS and internet security overall, but eliminates the opportunity to easily access and participate for people like me… the befuddled brain fogged (otherwise known as cognitively impaired).

    I’d really like developers to consider that establishing long term stability is not just a whim of people that resist change, but profound necessity for those that can learn slowly and methodically, but find changes bewildering, and ultimately, blocking and breaking the usability of devices or services in the name of security and progress will eliminate access for people for whom access was marginal at best.

    Non-techy Win 10 Pro and Linux Mint experimenter

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      Thank you Elly for this recent post of yours. I have missed your presence here at AskWoody and feared for the worse. It is good that you are back here sharing your wisdom because you are so very much appreciated. I like to follow the Accessibility Blog even though it mostly caters to business, it still has some good information for individuals occasionally. Their May 17, 2023 blog titled:
      “Celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day: The Importance of Inclusive Design”
      – “aims to raise awareness about digital accessibility and promote inclusive design practices. It serves as a reminder of the importance of creating digital products and services that everyone, including individuals with disabilities, can access.”
      Hopefully more information for people with disabilities can be shared. Again, thank you Elly, please continue to share with us.

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        @Lars220- I’ve very much missed the community here at AskWoody, and appreciate your kind words.

        The Accessibility Blog is a great resource, thank you for pointing to it. I’ve bookmarked it, for reading at leisure.

        Non-techy Win 10 Pro and Linux Mint experimenter

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      Hi Elly – it’s so good to hear from you.  Many years ago you and I conversed (I had a different name) and I was grateful for your expertise and your warm and friendly style.  You and I would share (((hugs))) from time to time.  It’s wonderful to know you are still contributing — your voice has always been greatly appreciated and I’m wishing you all the best.

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        Good to hear! Thanks!

        I’m slow at everything these days, including formulating responses, but your post warmed my heart and reminded me once again how helpful all the people here at AskWoody are! As a non techy at heart, I learned far more than I was every able to share.

        Non-techy Win 10 Pro and Linux Mint experimenter

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