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    Could you help me with solving this problem:

    I recently moved to a new building about 5 miles from my former residence. My phone number was changed because of this location change. My old phone number was therefore disconnected.

    “Comcast.net” terminated my email service when my phone number changed. Also my current building is serviced by “rcn.com” (not by comcast.net). I asked comcast to transfer my ADDRESS BOOK to rcn.com. Comcast told me that rcn.com must request an ADDRESS BOOK transfer. However rcn.com told me that comcast must request an ADDRESS BOOK transfer.
    Neither company can call the other company. The two companies are in a catch 88 situation.

    How can I retrieve my personal properrty (Address Book) from comcast.net which included over 20 years of typing data into my ADDRESS BOOK. Do you see any solution of this idiotic policy of denying responsibility in servicing my request.

    Thanks for any help in this matter … Theodore

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      Are you able to logon to your comcast email from their web site?

      cheers, Paul

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        No. Comcast terminated our service when we were assigned a new telephone number in a part of the city which is not serviced by comcast. Comcast will not release my Address Book information unless I re-open a comcast account. But comcast does not provide internet service in my apartment building and in the neighborhood where I have moved to.

        They have a company policy of ignoring circumstances beyond their control … Theodore

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      Seems they also have a policy of no customer service.
      Have you tried the “if at first you don’t succeed, go straight to the top” method? (Ring the boss and complain.)

      cheers, Paul

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      Can you carry a portable computer to a location that is served by comcast and open/reopen a comcast account there. Then you may be able to download your data in some useful format to be used in your non-comcast email account. Even if you have to buy one month’s worth of service, it would be worth it to avoid retyping…

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