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    I have at least 3 emails received today that will not show in the Outlook desktop client (all 64 bit) across 3 different machines (office versions 2301 16026.20200 and 2301 16026.20146) but are visible in webmail and on iPhone Apple mail app and Outlook app.  They are also NOT visible in Thunderbird on a 4th machine (Win10 Pro x64).

    The computers are Windows 10 Pro x64 (22H2 w Feb-2023 updates), Windows 11 Pro (22H2 w Feb-2023 updates) and Server 2016.

    I have used webmail and moved the email to other folders but still won’t show in desktop client.  I have recreated an Outlook profile and they still won’t show.

    In the past I have had it where mobile devices are wrong and then reset apps/accounts works.

    Has/is anyone else experienced this lately or know a way to resolve it ?

    I’m thinking it may be a messageid related issue but I don’t have my email grouped by conversation.


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      I ran into this a couple of days ago.At the top, just above the column titles, do you have the “Filter bar” turned on?
      The icons at the left end of the bar act to filter the mail according to how it’s categorized (only starred mail, only tagged mail, only mail with attachments, etc). If you click on them, you toggle them on and off. If the filters are on, and no mail fits that category, you won’t see the mail.

      Try toggling them (click once on each to turn them off).


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        Thanks for the suggestion but I don’t use the filter bar and checking the view settings, the filter is OFF.

        If it was one PC then I would be more inclined to try filter options in more depth but to have 4 different machines with the same problem at the same time (3 machines internal AD domain managed and 1 external personal) as well as MS Office AND Mozilla Thunderbird.  Also, moving the email to different folders didn’t help as they were not visible in the destination folder either or after moving them back to the Inbox.  Webmail will see them in the destination folder after moves but not desktop clients.

        I had MS support work with me for over 2 hours and after office repairs we even created new profiles and no luck.

        One interesting point we did find is that search would find the email if you search “All Mailboxes” not “Current” and the search result says it is in the current Inbox.


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      The PC I had the same thing happen, was after an update the filters were turned on by default and only clicking those icons to the left of the search bar turned the individual filters off. Try toggling the buttons.

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        In Thunderbird, there is no filter but these 3 email NOT visible.

        In Outlook Desktop, there is no filter bar but I have created and cleared filters but again these 3 email still not visible.


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      Occasionally I have similar issues on Thunderbird and found out that repairing the affected folder solves the issue. No idea however if this could also work in Outlook.

      If you haven’t already tried this in Thunderbird, right click on the affected folder on the left pane of Thunderbird and choose “Properties” from the context menu. Next, in the window that will pop up select the “General information” (i.e. leftmost) tab. The “Repair folder” button is in the lower, right side of the window: go ahead and click the button. Once Thunderbird has finished repairing the folder, you should see the missing messages show up in the folder (sometimes along with some older messages that you have already read).

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        For Outlook; View, Current View, Reset View from the Inbox would be worth a try.

        Windows 11 Pro version 22H2 build 22621.1778 + Microsoft 365 + Edge

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      I think I found PART of the problem.  Being able to verify the full issue was made difficult by receiving another email from one of the same “missing” senders.

      I did compare the headers from the mail against 3 similar that appear days earlier.  The headers match.

      What I believe it comes down to is the use of “Sent” “Received” column names in various views and what header datatime values they reflect.  I think as there was a 13 minute delay in the whole email delivery process, it is the timezone allowances that get used to display the email, along with problems with how the senders system flags datetime fields, that can make it appear with almost 2 days difference.  So a Wed 16:57 could also appear as Fri 08:44

      Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2023 05:57:30 +0000


      Received: from MEYP282MB1992.AUSP282.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM (2603:10c6:220:b4::14)
      by ME4P282MB1029.AUSP282.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM with HTTPS; Thu, 16 Feb 2023
      21:44:34 +0000


      Unfortunately I didn’t get a screen shot before the last email to double check how they displayed in webmail (but I could have sworn that I saw both the Wed and Fri versions of the email).



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