• Enough already: Microsoft pushes Windows nagware patch KB 3035583 for sixth time

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    Make sure you run GWX Control Panel. InfoWorld Woody on Windows
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      I avoid this (expletive deleted) by spending almost all of my online time with my Chrome devices (Book, Box and Pixel). Offline, I use W7 machines that have never been online. The few times I use Windows (8.1) online,it is with updates disabled except for Defender. To hell with 10. (Anyone who has served on the other side of the Pacific knows what #10 means).

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      At this rate I’m going to bet MS extends the July 29th, 2016 date for downloading for free. They seem a bit desperate right now.

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      Until you reminded me to run GWX Control Panel, I overlooked the fact that the latest version has a Monitor feature that can be enabled if you choose. This feature, as I understand it, monitors for sneaky changes to your computer that counteract steps you have taken to prevent Windows 10 from being installed without your knowledge or consent. I like that!

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      It seems to be a very worthwhile new feature in GWX Control Panel. However, it does mean that you’re running GWX Control Panel all the time – it isn’t just a use-once-and-forget feature.

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      Doesn’t pop up here..yet. Then again, I have never let it sneak in and later removed it, I also do not use GWX Control Panel.

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      It was there but unchecked and I just hid it… for the second time!

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      Yeah, I got it today as well, and hid it (again).
      GWX CP reports all is well. Will they never stop?

      Windows 8.1.

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      Update to my previous post:

      This update (3035583) was marked important and checked. The first one was optional but changed to recommended. The last one (before this) was marked recommended. They are steadily increasing the pressure. Why? To meet previously announced download goals?

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      Highly likely.

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      Even the Supersite for Windows advises using the GWX Control Panel app to stop those pesky Windows 10 upgrades.

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      Aaaaaaaaah, it took a while but now the great Satan has arrived again..My monthly visitor how I hate thee. If I could slap somebody in Redmond, I would. Oh well, hidden update number umpteen. Getting really tired of your s**t Microsoft.

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      Yep, Rod finally jumped on the bandwagon. 😉

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      I downloaded GWX CP in my workstation’s Admin User account. The program doesn’t show up on my Standard User accounts. I have “monitor” turned on. If I’m doing MS Updates from a User account, will GWX CP block it/alert me when I’m in the User account?

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      Fired up my, sparingly used, netbook to find KB3035583 back in play. HIDDEN, AGAIN.
      GWX CP is current.
      I screen dump MS WU into a Word .docx; then compare it with subsequent WU, and check / amend the differences. Saves a lot of time, paging back through the ‘history’.
      Merry Christmas, Everyone ! AK

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      @woody: actually it is Richard (not Rod) who wrote the article.

      Even Adrian from ZDNet is also advocating the use of GWX Control Panel to stop the nagging Windows 10 ads (at the end of his article):

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