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  • Epson Printing problems with new Windows 10 laptop

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    I have a private Ethernet network. For several years the following have been connected directly to this network.
    Windows 7 64 bit Pro tower (built by a local shop)
    Windows 7 64 bit Pro laptop (Lenovo ThinkPad, model E430)
    Epson WF-7010 color inkjet printer

    Everything worked fine. I could easily print from either of the two computers.
    Two months ago, I upgraded the laptop to Windows 10 64 bit Pro (referred to below as Windows 7/10 laptop). Everything still worked fine.

    Last week I purchased a new Windows 10 64 bit Pro laptop (also a Lenovo ThinkPad, model T14). It is also connected to my Ethernet network. That is when troubles began.

    All three computers are set to stop all wireless communication (i.e., Airplane Mode=On)
    Printing from my Windows 7 tower and my Windows 7/10 laptop still work fine. But when I try to print from my new Windows 10 laptop, the Epson printer immediately gives me an ‘incorrect paper size’ error message. If I clear the message, then it prints—but very slowly. A page that takes 5 seconds (timed from when the printer actually begins to print) from either my Win 7 tower or Win 7/10 laptop, takes 20-25 seconds from my new Win 10 laptop!

    I checked for updated printer drivers. The latest one that Epson shows for the WF-7010 that will accept Windows 7 is 1.22, which was released in 2012. I installed it several years ago. This driver is listed as compatible with 64 bit versions of Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista. There is a new 1.23, which is listed as compatible only for Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8. I did not try it.

    All three computers are set to stop any and all wireless communication (Airplane Mode=On in Win 10 laptop. The other two are set through Lenovo software).

    I have attached a four page .pdf (Win10PrinterProblems.pdf). I would rather send too much than not enough.

    The first page is a Windows Printer Test Page run from my Win 7/10 laptop (noted on printout as ThinkpadE430). Note that this has the correct Model name for this printer, and under Print Driver Properties, the correct Printer Driver name, and the correct Driver Version, as well as Additional Print Driver Files which seem to have correct names.

    The second page is a Windows Printer Test Page run from my Win 10 laptop (noted as ThinkpadT14). This does NOT have the correct Printer Model name, and under Print Driver Properties, none of the three entries: Driver Name, Driver Type and Driver Version are correct. Also the names of the Additional Print Driver Files don’t make much sense to me.

    Page three is what is displayed when I try to access Printer Properties on my Win 10 laptop. The only choices are Orientation and Paper Size.

    Page four is what is displayed when I try to access Printer Properties on my Win 7/10 laptop (and on Win 7 tower). This is the kind of detailed options I would expect to see.

    Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be that is causing the problems between my new Win 10 laptop and my Epson WF-7010 printer, and/or what type of tests or checks I should run that would lead me to a solution?


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      How did you install the printer on the new computer? Did you download drivers from the Epson website or let Windows install it’s drivers? If the latter the first step I would recommend is to download the drivers from the Epson website and install those.

      I’d also check the printer default settings (Devices and Printers, right-click on printer, Printer Properties) and set the correct paper size) to fix the paper error.

      HTH 😎

      May the Forces of good computing be with you!


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        And on Win10 in the Setting App\Devices uncheck “Let Windows manage printers”

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      It would be well worth checking what country your new laptop has decided it is in, as the printer driver would have gathered that information and installed a driver with paper sizes and capabilities (such as which WiFi speeds can be used at the printer without breaching RFI emissions regulations) to go with that country’s market.

      I noted in your PDF the paper is set letter (US) not A4. Does it say that size on the paper wrapper? The printer knows how large the paper is.. if the printer prints off the edge the mess is hard to clean up so the printer avoids that and spouts an error.

      I Wouldn’t be completely surprised to windows Windows is US with a GB language pack pending download or similar (the dialog will have an “install language pack” option). Suggest a trawl through “language settings” (offered from the search bar) and even Unicode program settings (run box, “control intl.cpl”, advanced tab) to ensure these all align and correct them if needs be, and if they didn’t align then visit the printer driver settings after the likely mandated restart, and see if there is anything in the driver to change, or alternatively uninstall and reinstall that software.

      Beware also that any documents you saved having used that printer may retain the print settings even after you correct the defaults at the driver – for example you will likely need to print such a document again after changing the defaults at the print dialog before re-saving the file for older Office products to reprint correctly from the file.

      The other thing to consider is do you print straight to the printer port or are you using “internet printing”, as doing so is fine if you want to print your snaps from your phone but it’s slow compared to printing locally to a port, and you potentially might even need to configure the firewalls (router and Windows) – for example



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      Thanks all for your suggestions and promptness. Here is what I found:

      I unchecked “Let Windows manage printers”. Made no difference.

      My region was correctly shown as the United States, with the language as English (United States). [The time zone was Pacific, which I change to Eastern.]

      My printer paper is correct at  8.5 x 11 inches. I rechecked the package. Plus, printing from the other two computers works just fine.

      So I reinstalled on this new Win 10 laptop the Epson Printer Driver Version 1.22, This driver is listed as compatible with 64 bit versions of Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

      Not sure if required, but to be safe I then rebooted the new Win 10 laptop.

      So far all works fine! Prints as fast as it should, and can now access the Printer Properties options that I could not before.

      Is this reinstalling the driver going to be standard operating procedure for other network printers? I have one out being repaired, so I can’t test it now.

      Thanks again !!


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      As long as the machine out for repair does not have a new OS install done, it should be OK. The other PC still in-house should be fine.

      IIRC, there are very specific steps to take when connecting to a network printer. If you don’t follow them, starting over with the driver install is often the best solution.


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