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    Recently I have been receiving frequent messages from Malwarebytes (hopefully attached to this query).  Should I be concerned?  If so, what should I do next?


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      The message is from Windows Security not Malwarebytes. It happens when an untrusted process tries to access a protected folder. Open Windows Security | Virus & Threat Protection | Virus & Threat Protection Settings | Controlled Folder Access.

      You can allow an app to access the controlled folder(s) there.


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      Thanks.  I set this – now I’ll see what happens!

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      Allowing restricted access to an untrusted process and seeing what happens is generally a very bad idea. You should always Google the exe and upload it to VirusTotal to make sure it’s not malware first. The process is likely to be untrusted by your virus scanner for a reason!

      As it happens, you’re lucky, because DDVDataCollector isn’t malware, although you may not want to allow it since it’s a Dell telemetry tool that collects everything you do on your computer, including the websites you visit, and sends it to Dell.

      It will keep prompting you if you block it again, though, so the best way to disable the telemetry is probably to open Dell SupportAssist, click on Settings, click on Privacy, and disable the telemetry there (if you can, I don’t own a Dell computer to check).

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        In my experience, there are many third-party good apps not allowed automatically. Even some of Microsoft’s own apps don’t work automatically all the time. It becomes a pain to go into Windows Security to allow the app then retrace your steps to do what should have happened originally.


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          I obviously agree that there are such things as false positives, and certain security programs can be more overzealous than others, but it takes less than a minute to Google an exe and upload it to VirusTotal, which is a small price to pay for increased security.

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