• Errorr AADSTS50196 when browsing on MS websites


    I’m using Firefox 79.0 on a Windows 10 1809 machine (with August updates just installed) and it’s been a few months that I frequently get the following error message while browsing to certain Microsoft pages, for example when looking up the .NET Framework Updates History page:

    Sign In

    Sorry but we are having trouble signing you in.

    AADSTS50196: The server terminated an operation because it encountered a client request loop. Please contact your app vendor.

    I’m not logged in my MS account and I’m not trying to login, just trying to read the page, but I’m thrown the above error. From what I’ve read on other sites, it seems this is an issue caused by the way some browsers handle some Microsoft websites, but I didn’t read about any solution.

    Does anyone have suggestions/ideas to solve this, please?

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      Which MS URL is it ?

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      I’m not logged in my MS account

      Try using another browser, MS edge, for example and go to that page you linked above and report what happens.

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        Tried opening in old Edge the same page and at first the page opened without problem: I noticed that somehow Edge had logged me into my Microsoft account. Once I hit logout from the MS account and reloaded the same page, Edge threw me the same error I see in Firefox.

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      At a guess, that would indicate to me that alignment between your OS and your MS account is out.
      (Ok when signed in but throwing up errors when signed out.)
      may be an idea to check your MS account settings for a changes in email address/name etc..against what you have on your system.

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        Settings of the MS account appear to be ok, at least as far as I can tell. I did some additional googling and I’m starting to think it’s some kind of mess up at Microsoft’s end, at least based on what’s mentioned here:


        Interestingly, it reports that this error is

        an unintended side effect of a security hardening feature in some browsers, and some outdated configuration on Microsoft’s end

        Before trying to clear the browser cache as suggested at the above link, I tried adding login.microsoftonline.com to the list of exceptions in Firefox privacy settings for which saving cookies is allowed (as proposed here). That seems to have solved the issue as far as I can tell.

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      I just finished (manually) updating the August updates, and I had the same error when reviewing the MS pages related to the specific KBs. I recall this happening with the last updates, and it was quite a pain and a mystery. I had assumed MS was doing some sort of late night maintenance and gave up.

      This time I paid attention, and I think it happens if you have viewed a number of the KB articles for updates and/or the MS Catalog pages/pop-ups for each KB, and leave them open. I found if I closed everything including the browser (I was using Firefox v 80.0.1) I was able to carry on viewing the KB articles.

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