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    I use ESET for both of my laptops and wondered if anyone had any info on their Cyber Weekend Sale.  My current subscription ends on May 1, 2024 – and I was wondering if anyone knew if this deal could be purchased now and activated when my subscription ends – or if it needs to be activated right away.

    I’ve tried to contact ESET but haven’t gotten an answer to this questions.

    Seems like a good deal and I could add my cell phone too.

    Thanks for any thoughts!


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      I’ve never purchased from ESET and am not sure but I think it should work. I buy from Newegg when on sale and wait until a day or so before my subscription expires to activate with new license. NOTE if you activate it before expiration the new license takes over. It does NOT extend the existing subscription.

      Last week I activated a license I purchased last year and it worked fine.

      BTW Newegg has those deals running now too https://www.newegg.com/eset-nod32-antivirus-2019-5-pcs-download/p/N82E16832114553

      Never Say Never

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      We recently purchased an ESET license from NewEgg in anticipation of the expiration of our then current license.

      Installed the NewEgg purchased license the day after the ESET license expired.

      Then two or three days after the initial license expired, we received an e-mail from ESET offering us a renewal at a substantial discount.

      Wish we had delayed purchasing the license from NewEgg and gone with a purchase from ESET.

      And yes, I anticipate that a license purchased today can be activated at a later date.

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      Throughout the year Newegg often has the $49.99 version of the deal at the link cyberSAR provided above. This particular Black Friday deal cyberSAR linked to also includes an additional $24 off, making it $25.99. That’s about as low as I’ve seen it go for this 5-device deal except for a very occasional $19.99 deal.

      I was waiting for one of those $19.99 or $25.99 deals from Newegg for my renewal earlier this year but I never saw one. So I let my subscription expire and run for almost a month still hoping for at least a $49.99 deal from Newegg but finally accepted ESET’s typical renewal discount of $20 off their $79.99 regular price. Sometimes it pays to not hold out for that last $5.00 or so . . .

      My experience so far also has been that you can save these licenses for use at a later time. But as others have said, DO NOT activate your new license until AFTER the old one has expired unless you want to lose the remaining time on that old license.

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      I’m curious about opinions on and experiences with security suites vs anti-virus alone. For example, ESET Home Security vs. ESET Nod32 Anti-virus (since the subject topic of this thread is about ESET).

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        It really depends on what you’re looking to get. The more extensive (and expensive) options typically include additional features/capabilities that you may or may not have a use for.

        For ESET, you can go to this page and scroll up and down to compare what’s offered by ESET Nod32 Antivirus vs. the company’s more comprehensive alternatives. Note that, thanks to their Cyber Weekend offer, the Nod32 version actually costs more than the Essential version while offering less (fewer features and fewer devices covered), which is unusual in my experience.


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          @Cybertooth – Thanks for your input.

          Right. I’m pretty familiar with ESET’s lineup. I’ve generally fallen in the camp of pick and choose dedicated applications for different functions from sources that specialize in that particular function rather than using a suite from one source that includes all those functions. But I check in now and then to get others’ opinions.

          As far as pricing goes I’m pretty sure ESET wants to steer their customers to the various suites. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if at some point they no longer sell (or update) NOD32 as a standalone product.

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            Definitely, if you prefer to pick and choose your own solutions, then by all means the simpler Nod32 is the way to go. The only thing to think about will be if, given the current sale, you’d rather pay more to get less!  🙂

            Personally, I’d lean toward getting the “Essential” package since they’re selling it for the lowest price and it covers three devices, and then I’d decline to use whatever extra features it has that I don’t need. But then I’m cheap and any decision here is legitimate.

            I’ve had good experiences with ESET products over the years. For a long time, I’ve used the ESET Online Scanner for a second opinion on the state of my computers’ security. Now I’m paying for the Linux version, partly in gratitude for the good service they’ve provided.

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      Thanks for all of the input! I did also post in the ESET forum, and over there, the consensus is that if you buy from them directly, the clock starts – so there is no way to wait till another subscription is up and then activate. They said:

      As far as when the Eset subscription starts in regards to Eset eStore purchases, it starts at time of purchase.

      So I guess I either need to forfeit 5 months of my old subscription, or hope to get a good deal on one in April.

      Thanks for the thoughts!

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        Last week I activated a license I purchased last year and it worked fine.

        Or pay a little more and order from Newegg?

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        Or you can purchase a Black Friday priced license\Product Key now from Newegg and save it to use in five months after your current license expires.

        Go to the link cyberSAR provided above. When you get to that page you can click on the blue ‘Shop All ESET Products‘ link near the top of that page. That will take you to a page that has all the various combinations of their software, number of devices, number of years for the license, etc., and the current Black Friday sale price.

        Pick out the one that suits you best. Make sure to note the code for the deal price so you can enter it when you checkout.

        You will get back an email with a Product Key that you can tuck away and use after your current license expires in five months. When that time comes you can either update the Product Key from within your current ESET product or do it through your account at ESET Home. This process still worked when I used it back in June.

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      Yes, I am looking at the ESET Premium with 5 licenses (all I need) which is $37.45 for 1 year at the ESET  site. This has smartphone protection, and the password manager – which my current plan doesn’t have, so it might be worth foregoing the 5 months I already paid for till May 1 and getting this plan now for 1 year. Guess I’ll have to think on it a bit – just want to be sure that I can buy now and have it supersede my current plan on activation. I don’t think Newegg has this particular plan.


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      Kathy Stevens wrote:

      Then two or three days after the initial license expired, we received an e-mail from ESET offering us a renewal at a substantial discount.

      Bitdefender and Nord VPN do almost the same thing.  They’ll let you walk the plank until the last step and then jump in with what has always been a substantial discount just before the subscription expires.  I’ve learned to wait for it.

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