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    Calling all Essentials gurus! I know Essentials is all but dead but I still have one client using it for backing up desktop machines. That works quite well for machines that stay on site and can always reach the server on the LAN.

    When a laptop leaves the site, the Essentials connector is supposed to realize this and stop setting the DNS server to be the static IP of the Essentials server. Unfortunately, setting it back to DHCP doesn’t always work, so the user winds up off site with no Internet access because the the static LAN IP is not reachable as a DNS server.

    My question is, has anyone found a way to disable just the DNS update capabilities of the Essentials 2016 connector? I just want it to stay on DHCP all the time–I’ll use the router to set DNS to point to the server when on site. According to very end of this article, this used to be possible with Essentials 2012 by disabling the Windows Server LAN Configuration Service, but that service doesn’t exist when the Essentials 2016 connector is installed.

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