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    Eudora 7 message filters are arranged, as far as I can ascertain, as an historical ranked list, oldest to newest, that is not searchable or sortable.  Does anybody know a “hack” or work around that allows the Eudora 7  filters list to be searched for a matching entry.  I can only visually scan the list of filters, which corresponds to brute force, with less than  100% accuracy to find the filter I seek.  Alternatively, if the filters list could be sorted alphabetically, normally or inversely, that would significantly reduce the burden to search manually.

    Another “fix” I need for the Eudora 7 message filters list is to find identical duplicate instances.  As far as I can ascertain, Eudora 7 does not self scan for an existing duplicate filter, but will accept as many identical filters as I care to create redundantly over time.

    To sum up, I’m requesting any known fixes for Eudora 7 message filters to “search”, “sort” or find “dupes”.


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