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    When I try to use Excel 2007 Developer Reference the details from any of the sub-menus are returned in Tahoma font at 5.5[/SIZE] size.

    Tahoma 5.5 type is completely unreadable with my old eyes on a 21” monitor.

    Do you have any ideas on how to get a more reasonable/readable font & type size as the default?

    I know I can cut & paste the text to a WORD document or use the magnifier, but neither of those are good choices, for a quick look at the help screens.

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      There’s a button for the Font size next to the print button.

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        I dropped part of my explanation when I cut and pasted from my working document. I always compose offline and then post.

        I have already set the Font Size button to Largest, with the 5.5 being the result.

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      Curious. How are you determining the 5.5?

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      What browser are you using? Most modern browsers allow you to adjust the text size by merely holding the Ctrl key while scrolling the mouse button. Or, did I miss your problem completely?:cheers:

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        Browser = IE9. Problem seems to be with MS Help, in particulary 2007 Developer Reference. It first occurred in Excel 2007 Developer Reference, but I have replicated it in the WORD version and both the Online & Offline versions.

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        I’m sure it is one of my MS settings but have run out of ideas as to where to look.

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        I walked through my steps again and it looks like the problem appears when I try to access Help after clicking on the ‘Developers’ tab, then the ‘Visual Basic’ tab, and then F1 or the Help tab. But this is true in both EXCEL & WORD.

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