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    My Excel formerly opened with a dark green background on the Title Bar and other areas of the worksheet. It was really easy to see and work with.

    Now, all of a sudden all this stuff is white, and very hard to read. I am going crazy.

    What happened and how do I fix it?

    Lou Sander

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      With Excel open, try going to File > Options > Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office > Office Theme > Dropdown menu > Change to suit > OK

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      The ‘Office Background(s)’ in the Ribbon are what you can select in the options if you are signed into an account. If you aren’t, they are not available to select.
      The image below, in Word, shows the Calligraphy (calligraphy scrolls) option being used.
      The Excel animation above shows Straws being used.

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      Hmmm… I don’t see any Calligraphy, and I THINK I’m signed into a  Microsoft account. Neither do I see anything that might be Straws.

      I can select both of them and more from File > Options > Personalize etc., but nothing seems to change when I do.

      No important need to play with this further, though… “Colorful” fixed my problem.

      BTW, I think tech stuff is getting WAY to complicated. Just like the infinite options on a McDonald’s kiosk. After all, we’re just buying a hamburger, for Pete’s sake.

      Lou Sander

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      Oh the joys of modern UI design, which I have ranted about in the past. There’s more of an interest in solid white than being easy on the eyes. No wonder dark mode is so popular now, thanks to this trend.

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      Quite a few websites seem to think it’s good to use light gray letters on a white background. I have a VERY hard time reading that stuff, especially in the small fonts these people like to use. Sheesh!

      Lou Sander

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